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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sequence Time with Gazdatronik

YouTube via Gazdatronik. Sent my way via E. S.
"As I live here in 1986, I goof around with some coded passages in real-time.

Korg dw-8000 on bass
Roland JX-3p on more bass
Yamaha TX81Z on random arpeggio
Oberhiem Matrix 6 on atonal, gong, and occasional lead.
Emu SP-12 on drums

Available on videocassette or laserdisc" No link though. Hmm...
Remember, if you want me to put up a post it MUST feature specific synths either showcasing them in video, pics or audio. I've been getting a few requests for stuff that may feature a given synth or two, but don't really showcase them. This video does. BTW, you are free to post your synth music on SYNTHWIRE along with anything else synth related. Just shoot me an email and I'll sign you up. Contact info just under the right search box on SYNTHWIRE or down below on the right here on MATRIXSYNTH.


  1. The energy in this video is overwhelming!

  2. Cool track!
    nice thick bass line

  3. old vids like this are always cheesy
    but not this one!

    Nice track

  4. a cool track ,i recognise the jx3p as bass but not the DW

  5. I see an EMU Emulator 4 in the rack, which means this is max 10 years old...

  6. I think it's more recent, i believe that;s a small Machie 1202 he's using. Don't think that's 20 years old. What i think is meant by "living in 1986" is he's doing 1986 style music. And using older gear. Anyway, i like the music. It smacks of a bit of very early Skinny Puppy, and even some '80s film music.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. There is a new youtube vid, more indepth I just put up yesterday.

    All videos were done the day they were posted.

    The korg bass is the first bass you hear. the roland bass is the one that sounds once a measure, anon.



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