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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NOT NAMM: The Mojo: Moldover's New Controller (Sneak Peek)

YouTube via moldover
"After nearly a decade of study in the art of controllerism, Moldover has created his first commercially available controller. Assimilating ideas from traditional instruments, DJ hardware, and game controllers, The Mojo puts an unprecedented level of power and completely intuitive control in your hands. Combining ergonomic elegance, rapid-fire tactile responsiveness, and bullet-proof construction, The Mojo is the sexiest controller in the entire multiverse. Order your own and get more details at ("


  1. so he basically ordered wood from livid, aluminum from where everybody made faceplates for their monos, less than 90$ retail for controller and petty change for tactiles...and he is gone cuckoo if he thinks he'll sell it for 1800$. you can buy a lemur for that cash, so which of those will get you laid faster?

  2. That thing is pretty cool but I have to agree $1800 is just abusrd. It's ONLY a controller. For that money I want a synth engine + a sampler at the very least.

  3. "- Will totally get you laid"

    By a bunch of controllerist nerd guys from obscure forums maybe.

    You can buy a laptop and ANY other controller for $1800. That controller looks like something you would see at Toys R us with baby farm animals painted on.

  4. Showing you guys really have no clue between the cheap-o, plastic, mass-produced controllers and a quality piece of hardware. I've actually seen this thing live / had a chance to try it out and the steep price is justified.

    Especially if you're a person who actually performs even semi-regularly. You'll appreciate the thought/design.

    Its sorta like, why buy a really nice guitar when you can get one for $50.... You can play Stairway on either....

  5. So you are saying that this has as much hardware inside it as a DSI Mono Evolver, small Doepfer, Spectralis, Nord Lead or any other SOUND MAKING device IN THAT PRICE RANGE?
    It has some very nice and usable features but not $1800 dollars worth because - it is only a controller.

  6. Without getting too much into a discussion (especially as its likely no one is actually looking at this post anymore...)

    You're missing the point. This isn't meant to compete with mass produced products. Its a hand-built, controller with extremely high quality components.

    I know I want one:)

  7. seriously sweet controller. I want one...but yeah, not for $1800 i dont. I would give you $700.



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