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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NAMM: Arturia NAMM 2012 Teaser - The MiniBrute?

YouTube Uploaded by tomesoTV on Jan 17, 2012
[New video below]
"Arturia NAMM 2012 Teaser
More information on Thursday January 19th
Weitere Informationen am Donnerstag den 19. January"


The Arturia MiniBrute Hardware Synth?

"Key features:

Voltage controlled oscillator
25 key keyboard with aftertouch
Steiner-Parker multi-mode filter
Innovative analog Ultrasaw , Metalizer , Brute Factor technology
14 faders and 29 knobs
Rich interface, CV , Gate , USB , MIDI
Advanced arpeggiator
Rugged metal housing"

via KVR, via hpsounds.

Arturia MiniBrute Tour
YouTube Uploaded by Arturiaweb on Jan 18, 2012

Steiner Parker filter, and according to hpsounds, "the analog design was made by on of the french SDIY specialist Yves Usson. [aka Yusynth]" Nyle Steiner, Yusynth & Arturia. Amazing.

via hpsounds

Update: some additional pics including CV Ins & Outs via an anonymous reader:

Update 1/18/12 5:37 PST: Flyer scans added (click on each for the full size shot):

Update 1/18/12 8:30 PM: I should note The MiniBrute is an appropriate name. Listen to the Steiner-Parker filter in the original Synthacon here. The filter is also popular in the modular community include clones by various manufacturers and the new Steiner Synthasystem modular by Nyle Steiner himself. See the Steiner Parker label below for more.

Update: 1/19/12:

Introducing Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer

Uploaded by Arturiaweb on Jan 17, 2012

"MiniBrute is Arturia's new analog synthesizer. With a pure analog signal path and innovative new features it sets a new standard for what a hardware synthesizer should be. The pure analog, multi-wave oscillator combined with a huge sounding classic multi-mode filter, and wide range of modulation capabilities will bring new life into your recordings and stage performances. Add to that outstanding features like the Ultrasaw, Metalizer, Arpeggiator, LFO with sample & hold, full USB/MIDI/CV connectivity; all of which are housed in a rugged metal enclosure and it is almost too brutal to think about!" First Look : Passion Pit on The Arturia MiniBrute !

Uploaded by proaudiostar on Jan 18, 2012

"We check in with Passion Pit while working on their new album to see what they think of Arturia's brand new all analog synth. Arturia lent us a demo and once we showed it to the guys with Passion Pit we knew we werent getting it back. They liked it so much they had to put it on some of the songs they were doing and even re-recorded some bass parts with it. With is robust sound and ease of use this keyboard will no doubt be a must have!"


  1. WoooooHooooo! That's my Synthasystem in the photo with Nyle! Nyle said they might use that photo.


  2. we are not invited yet to the tour, private it says :(

  3. It must have gone live by accident. It was up for a bit. Looks like they set it to private.

  4. This looks interesting and tasty. I may have to retract all the neg thigs I've said about them. Hmm. why are all these new synths called mini this or micro that? Does it have a Big brother on the way?

  5. Looks like a $500 price. If so, a must buy.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. quite impressed... they mad a lot of thing right... no menu diving, aftertouch, cv (however, am I right that you can't modulate for example the cutoff itself but only gate the envelope? correct me if I'm wrong)
    And I wonder how poor the build quality is, wouldn't expect too much for a low price

  8. That is sweeeet!! And has a line in!! *drooling*



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