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Thursday, September 26, 2013

NI Maschine + MS Surface Pro demo... it wasn't quite as expected

Published on Sep 26, 2013 acemonvw·59 videos

I believe this is the first MS Surface Pro user video focused on making music.
Update: all working now.  See this post.

The original post:
"So I thought it would be cool to use the MS Surface Pro as an interface
for Maschine. I was able to make some fun beats with it and use it
fairly well, but it would freak out every so often. I thought I had it
under control when I was making this piece... but it ends abruptly when
the CPU just gives out. The audio cut out just fine apparently, but you
can see at the very end the software and hardware just give up. Welp,
that's why I like hardware grooveboxes, they don't just give up on me
when I'm writing stuff (of course, the Surface Pro isn't THAT great of
a piece of hardware either, but I did expect it to manage this song).

Yes, the levels seem to be off, I just wanted to experiment with
Maschine and the Surface Pro... It was a failed attempt I think."

Update: see this thread on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge for some additional details.
Some notes on what was running:

"To be fair. I believe I have 5 reaktor vst's going, a few massive vst's going, one other NI vst that does drone-y things (can't remember its name), as well as some samples for drums..."

"The way I recorded the audio, was for Maschine to sample the master audio, which probably added to the fun. Oh, AND Maschine and all samples and VSTs are loaded on an external micro SD (class 10) card..."

This was also run with Windows Pro native audio drivers out of the box. Asio4all drivers and/or of course an external audio device might help.

Update2 via Tony Scharf in the comments before the updates from the Lounge: "The amount of RAM and storage speed in the surface pro is just totally in adequate for something like Maschine. You would have to have VERY high latency times for it to run. Also, I'd like to know if he is just using Maschine, or if there are any plug in FX being used. That would probably push it over the edge.

The surface pro 2 would probably fair better. Also, a more optimized application like FL Studio would probably run better given how FL Studio will run on a crappy netbook well. Maschine is many things but it is NOT lean."

Update3 via Michael, aka acemonvw on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge: "If you're interested in knowing, I have studied Maschine and the Surface Pro and find they work pretty well together. I have had much fewer hangups since switching to the AISO driver. I also found that a few services were causing issues randomly 1) Windows Modules Installer Worker, 2) WMI provider host, and 3) System. System was strange in that it was at about 30% CPU forever. Maschine only took up 10% CPU when running using 2 reaktors, 1 massive, and one Kontakt. Pretty impressive actually!"

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