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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Batumi Master

Batumi Master from Bryan Noll on Vimeo.

“'One Batumi to Rule Them All'

An exploration of M. Puech’s Expert Firmware for XAOC Devices Batumi

Performed on a modular synthesizer using Ableton Live for effects and mixing.


Batumi is the ONLY modulation source in this patch. All 'sequencing' is done by Batumi using the Verhulst logistic map flavor of random. See manual for details.



1. Elements (hi)

2. Tides ~ Clouds (mid)

3. Dixie II+ ~ Clouds (low)



Ch 1

Master Clock, Div Mode

Square ~ Elements Gate + MULT ~ Clouds TRIG

Random ~ Elements Damping

Ch 2

Sine ~ Tides Slope

Random ~ ADDAC207 Ch 1 CV IN

Square ~ ADDAC207 Ch 1 TRIG IN

Ch 3

Sine ~ Tides Smoothness

Random ~ ADDAC207 Ch 2 CV IN + MULT ~ Elements Mallet

Square ~ ADDAC207 Ch 2 TRIG IN

Ch 4

Sine ~ unpatched*

Random ~ ADDAC207 Ch 3 CV IN

Square ~ unpatched*

ADDAC 207 Intuitive Quantizer


Ch 1

CV out ~ Dixie II+ V/Oct

TRIG out ~ Optomix Ch 1 STRIKE

Ch 2

CV out ~ Beast’s Chalkboard ~ Tides V/Oct

TRIG out ~ Function TRIG ~ Optomix Ch 2 CTRL

Ch 3

CV out ~ Beast’s Chalkboard ~ Elements V/Oct



Clouds Parasite in Looping Delay (in 8-bit audio quality mode)

Parasites Alternate Firmware:

* I had left a couple yellow cables coming out of Batumi Ch 4 unpatched off camera. One was multed and then patched into Polaris"

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