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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

New England Analog NEA-4019 Eurorack VCA 24-Track Demo

Published on Apr 6, 2016 New England Analog LLC

"This video features 24 tracks of the NEA 4019 discrete VCA module for eurorack. The tracks were recorded using an ARP 2600 with an NEA 4019 VCA as the final output VCA. All vibrato was generated using aftertouch to control the 4019 output. The "synth brass" section at the end was recorded using a Yamaha BC-1 Breath Controller to control the 4019.

The NEA-4019 has separate linear and exponential CV inputs, which allow for unique VCA envelopes that can be smooth or punchy. The 4019 can also be used to process control voltages, as well as audio signals.

The drums in this recording are all using the exponential CV inputs on the 4019. The drum tones themselves are a combination of sine waves and white noise from the 2600.

All sounds came from the 2600 and were amplified using the NEA-4019 module. All vibrato, tremolo, and breath articulation was done using the NEA-4019 to process CV signals."

via NE Analog:

"The NEA-4019 is a clone of the ARP 4019 VCA found in the ARP 2600. This discrete VCA design is exactly the same as the original ARP design with the exception of the matched transistor pairs being upgraded to Analog Devices SSM2220 and SSM2212s. The output opamp is a higher quality opamp than the ones used in the original 4019 modules.

The module is 8U in Eurorack format and includes a 10 Pin power connector ribbon cable. There are 2 audio inputs, a linear CV input, an exponential CV input, and an audio output. All input and output jacks have attenuators.

This unit is currently being built to order. Each NEA-4019 order will ship in approximately 3 weeks."

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