MATRIXSYNTH: New Euro Manufacturer Catalyst Audio Introduces Time’s Arrow Sequencer Eurorack Module

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Euro Manufacturer Catalyst Audio Introduces Time’s Arrow Sequencer Eurorack Module

Published on Dec 7, 2015 catalyststudio

A new eurorack module from the recently formed Catalyst Audio. The playlist for the videos above follow. Full details on their first eurorack module, Time's Arrow, further below.

1. Times Arrow Cmin Basslines [CV/Gate/Accent to FutureRetro 777]
2. Times Arrow Video Manual Utility Mode
3. Times Arrow Vid Manual Seq Mode
4. Times Arrow Video Manual RND Submodes
5. Times Arrow Video Manual RND Mode
6. Times Arrow Video Manual Extra Features

via of Catalyst Audio:


What is it?

So at it’s most basic it is a 16 step sequencer,

It can do all of your normal sequencer functions etc...

But also-

What we think sets this apart from the other currently available sequencers out there right now (and yes there are a lot!) is it's randomization features. It was designed to basically allow you to start with randomness, and then to exert some level of control over this randomness until you start to get useable (but still unpredictable) results. A 'happy accident generator' maybe?

A very basic description would be that each step of the sequence contains information about 5 different 'events' Notes (CV value), Gate, Accent, Tie, and Slide. You can manually set up these events, like you would with a more traditional sequencer, but Times Arrow allows you to randomize any or all of these events either manually (button press) or via a trigger signal. Once a new pattern has been generated, that new pattern will continue to loop and will only be altered by another button press or trigger. Each "event" can have different probability settings, and each "event" can be set on a per step basis to be excluded from randomization.

It’s hard for me to feel like I can do justice to it in one or two paragraphs, so please check out the videos posted on our site or feel free to ask me questions here and I will do my best to answer.

I will say that I have gotten some amazingly cool sequences out of this thing, stuff I probably would have never come up with on my own. (Of course I’m biased, both cause I created it and because my definition of an “amazingly cool sequence” is probably different from yours.)

It is currently available at Foxtone music right now, and should be up at Analog Haven by the end of the week.

Adjustable seq length from 1 - 16 steps
Internal quantizer with 16 selectable scales
Constant time (303 style) slide
Buffered output voltages from 0 - 8v (8 oct range)
(Pre-quantizer) Transpose input
Reset to last step
Forward, Backward, PingPong, Pendulum, Random, and "Drunken Walk" seqencer directions
Firmware optimized for extremely low jitter and tight timing.
Synchronized randomization (manual or CV triggered) of Notes, Accents, Ties, Gates, and Slides, Alt CV and Octave Offset.
Independent probability settings of Notes, Accents, Ties, Gates, and Slides.
Independently remove any event on any step from randomization.
Sync/reset output
Random stepped CV output (0-5v)
Global transpose by semitones or octaves.
"Slip" sequences forward or backward in time.
Skiff Friendly
Awesome buttons.
Cat approved."

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