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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Ondomo by Asaden - Ondes Martenot Redux

Uploaded on Jul 28, 2016 Adrien Duchemole

The above is a demonstration by Adrien Duchemole who is lucky enough to own one of the first Ondomos.

[Update: I found a few additional demos of the Ondomo on YouTube. Three, including the initial unveiling of the first version in 2014,  have been added to the bottom of this post.]

In October of 2012, a post here on MATRIXSYNTH featured the Asaden Eleki-Ribbon. It appears that project was just the start of something pretty magnificent. Asaden has painstakingly recreated his version of the Ondes Martenot. Details follow.

Pictured here is an image of two new Ondomos and an original Ondes Martenot (center) via Adrien. Note the wood on them is much darker than the one pictured below from the Asaden website. According to Adrien, Asaden did an initial run of 100 Ondomos.

The following are some details, Google translated from Japanese, via Asaden (forgive the translation):

"Ondomo - Legacy Of Love

More than 15 years, continues to study the Ondes Martenot, it can be more easily available, it is even more portable also easy, anywhere play as, from Japan made from the feeling that new Ondes Martenot.

Once the Ondes Martenot easy Mochiaruke ... Ondomo that has been produced in such a thought (Ondomo) has packed the hopes and dreams in only 64 cm of width.

If even plug it into an electrical outlet, because it is equipped with a built-in speaker, you can play anywhere at any time.

Instrument called Ondes Martenot, and Ondes Martenot unique sound is hoping the producer that the more spread in the world."

"1928, is an electronic musical instrument was born in France. Announcement initially referred to as the (meaning of the Buddha 'musical waves of Martenot') 'Ondes Martenot musical-Ondes Musicales Martenot', it will be later referred to as the 'Ondes Martenot' or simply 'Temperature ondes'."

"Morris Martenot (Maurice Martenot, 1898.10.14 - 1980.10.08) represents a musical talent from early childhood, early on cello, piano, musician learned the basics of music, also deeply involved with music education and thought, in his later years Mesodo of relaxation is also established. On the other hand, there is a deep knowledge in electronic and mechanical engineering, in the First World War in prison as a communication soldier. Ondes Martenot The impetus of production is, where you start from the sound clear the triode vacuum tube was in the ear. Repeat the research and trial along with the end of the war, Paris in 1928, it announced the musical instrument in the Opera, and caused a sensation. Then, playing to countries with Ginette Ginette of the Ondes Martenot player sister trip, in 1931 we came to Japan in Japan. Ondes Martenot for the Morris, and the desire of as a musician to continue to seek a sound of its own, desire as a thinker to practice the human way and way of life are fused, will he had a life's work would live ish myself. 1980, continue to seek the sound of his own until his death in an accident, improvement until the end instrument was overlaid."

"And a body part to play, set in a variety of speakers (Buddha di Few Suhl Diffuseur). Its kind, there is a regular speaker and similar principal principal, resonance resonnances to create a reverberation by spring, a built-in gong characteristic resonance of metallic metallique, Palm palme to leave a sound strings stretched wooden body. Ondes Martenot, the electricity, but it is often placed in the category of an electronic musical instrument for a musical instrument to be used, pitch, expression, the tone, in the player's hand, an instrument that can be intuitive to play with the feelings of the place some reason, there is a feature close to the acoustic instrument."


  4 octave
  W 64 x H 15 x D 17 (cm) ※ H (if fitted with a leg) state closed the lid: 77cm
If you made a music stand: 104cm
  Weight: approx 6kg
  Outputs: Speaker out / D-sub
DC 15V
  Accessories: Legs / D-sub cable / power adapter

ASADEN "Ondomo" unveiling ceremony @ Ondes Martenot cafe Published on Aug 20, 2014 yskooooo

"Legacy of Love..."

Ondomo とPianoでProspectors Arrive - Jonny Greenwood(cover)

Published on Apr 23, 2016 Fluffy Momo

"There Will Be Blood"

The latest version of "Ondomo"

Published on May 16, 2015

"Song:Vocalise étude
out of tune...I'm a begginer at playing Ondes Martenot."

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