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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Secret Life of Synthesizers

The Secret Life of Synthesizers (TSLOS for short) is a blog by Craig Sue & Steve Jones. The site hosts an incredible amount of content on each individual synth featured, including hi-res pics of both the externals and internals, and how to properly care for them. Currently you'll find the Roland Juno-106, EHX Mini Synth, KORG PS-3300, Minimoog Model D, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Yamaha CS-80, and the KORG 35 Filter. TSLOS are also synth techs, located in Sydney Australia, so if you need work done, contact them. The following is the intro from their site:

"Welcome to our blog about the inner world of electronic music synthesizers. This is a site for those who use and love vintage electronic musical instruments or who are interested in joining the community of people who are continuing the legacy of creating music using these machines. TSLOS is run by Steve Jones and Craig Sue at our service centre in Sydney, Australia.

The purpose of this blog is to take you inside these synthesizers with little photo essays detailing the inner workings of the vintage instruments that we use ourselves and that come through our restoration workshop. The posts will provide a little technical information without being too nerdy, the idea being to provide a photographic tour under the hood of each synthesizer with insights into how and why they work and sound as they do. If you are into vintage synths and have wondered what things such as Curtis chips and Moog ladder filters actually look like, Why a CS-80 weighs 100 kilo’s or why a Roland MKS-80 is most definitely not a 'Jupiter 8 in a rack' then our blog will show you.

With each post we will also work to demystify issues around reliability and servicing, buying, tuning and maintaining these instruments in the hope that it will help you to achieve the satisfaction that comes from playing a perfectly working synthesizer that is a part of the history of electronic music. Tap or click on the images for a larger view!"

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