MATRIXSYNTH: Synth jam - Volca Keys, Jupiter 4, Juno 60, Minimoog, Beatstep Pro

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Synth jam - Volca Keys, Jupiter 4, Juno 60, Minimoog, Beatstep Pro

Published on Oct 8, 2016 Jordan Gibson

"Second foray into live synth recording. Feauturing Volca Keys on main arp/sequence, Juno 60 thwipy arp, JP4 bells, ESX1 drums, Minimoog bass via the BSP, bad shorts and a beer gut.

Volca being tweaked throughout and is running in poly mode allowing a bit of solo noodling over the still-running sequence from 2.06.

TC M-One on delay (Volca's own noisy delay to the fore also), Strymon Big Sky reverb.

Apologies for the dad dancing :)"

Volca Keys vs ARP Odyssey

Published on Oct 1, 2016 Jordan Gibson

"My first ever 'jam'. I say first ever, there were four or five takes before this, at least two of which I forgot to press record on the audio. The first one was perfect too, FFS. And when I eventually did remember to hit record the levels were all wrong. So this is the 'fuck it that'll do' take, mistakes and all. Past caring by this point.

The vid is obviously boring as hell to look at. I'm mostly tweaking the Volca Keys up on the shelf there, but you folks will have to be content with looking at a nice Moog.

Anyway. I got the Volca a couple of days ago and it's huge fun. Here it is with some other gear and through a few fx, basically the TC M-One on a delay program and a Strymon Big Sky on a room reverb. I didn't use the Volca's internal delay here, but it is cool in its way. For no particular reason I tried my Mk3 Odyssey on a similar lead patch, and they aren't that far off as you'll hear (it's just simple saws so probably most anything would get in the same area). The Oddy scared the shit out of me through the 'phones when it came in too loud at 4.53 so I'm all over the place there haha.

Minimoog - bass via Beatstep Pro.
Volca Keys - Main arpeggio and 1st lead line.
ARP Odyssey MK3 - 2nd lead line
Juno 60 - square wave arpeggio
Korg ESX1 - drums
TC M-One
Strymon Big Sky

Recorded in stereo in one pass. I'd have fixed all the mistakes otherwise :)"

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  1. Hello Jordan, Good stuff. Could you tell us how you were able to sequence the Minimoog with the BSP? I have an old Mnimoog Model D and I am having a hell of a time getting it to repond to my BSP. I am going to try to attenuate the gate signal from the BSP. Thanks, Gerry



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