MATRIXSYNTH: New 'M-80' midicontroller for Roland MKS-80 - the MPG-80 alternative

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New 'M-80' midicontroller for Roland MKS-80 - the MPG-80 alternative

Published on Jan 11, 2017 stereoping

"Productdemo of the Stereoping Synth Controller in 'M-80' edition for Roland MKS-80. This midicontroller contains all parameters of the MPG-80. It even goes beyond offering CC-message automation for the MKS-80 with it's built-in CC-SysEx-translator. In effect, it's a tiny, cheap alternative for the rare and expensive MPG-80.

From what i've heard the MPG-80 does not work that perfect and smooth when programming the MKS-80. As i don't own a MPG-80 i cannot test or show it. What i can show here is the M-80 working as smooth as a hot knive sliding into butter when firing the MKS-80 with edit commands. Simply plug the 'M-80' in between the Midi connection between your DAW and the MKS-80 and your ready to go. It forwards incoming notes from the DAW and merges them with the edit commands.

The video contains 3 parts:

a) short 3D-animation explaining connections, function and color layers
b) simple demo shaping a unison sound into a delayed-highspeed-LFO-VCO MOD-mess
c) a complete 4 minute song with permanent editing on UPPER and LOWER tone with the MKS-80 in DUAL mode listening on 2 midichannels. When you listen carefully you might notice some slight timing issues of the MKS-80. Well, it has to handle many notes on 2 channels plus the parameter change commands.

The MKS-80 in the video is REV5 with the Roland IR-3R03 VCOs. Other gear used: Roland Juno 6, Pearl Syncussion clone, Pearl SC-40, Volca Sample, Boss SE-50, Monarch EEM 3000."

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