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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jams by Tape Ghost

Published on Nov 9, 2016 Tape Ghost


1. Dub Ambient (Modular + H9)

"Krautrock and dub inspired ambient composition I made on my modular. Taking the opportunity to really dig into the capabilities of my machine and see whats possible. Ran the stereo out from the modular through my Eventide H9 with a Space preset I created for this track. Only compression and normalizing was applied in the DAW. The video is of the patch set up and not the performance."

2. Elektron Machinedrum Workout (minimal techno)

"Finding out the limits of my Machinedrum as a stand-alone instrument, also meant to serve as a fairly comprehensive demo of different synthesis techniques available onboard. Onboard effects and processing only including Master EQ and Compression with onboard effects."

3. BLSD (live take) - modular + elektron A4 and Machinedrum
4. Acid Techno with Modular + Push

"Rather than doing everything with hardware and my analog mixer, I'm trying to embrace the power of digital and trying out a potential setup using Ableton, Push 1, and my modular in a way that allows for exciting dynamic performances without doing everything by hand. Just saw Richie Hawtin perform at ADE and was inspired by his creativity with an all digital set up."

5. Meditations (Ambient Modular + Eventide H9)
6. Dub Techno Jam. Modular, ms-20 and TR8
7. Plastikman inspired jam (TB-3, TR-8, MS-20)
8. Monday (Live jam with MS-20 mini, TR-8, TB-3, and effects pedals)
9. Acid/tech House Set rehearsal with TB-3 TR-8 and ER-1
10. Live Set 12:22:14

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