MATRIXSYNTH: New DETECT-Rx & CLONE Eurorack Modules from Steady State Fate

Thursday, September 14, 2017

New DETECT-Rx & CLONE Eurorack Modules from Steady State Fate

"DETECT-Rx features three useful utilities to expand your modular capabilities.

EXTRACT-R is a voltage controlled comparator with three selectable range settings, LINE LEVEL, 5V and 10V. A Threshold knob sets the trip point to extract a 10V gate signal. CV input for allows for PWM and voltage control of the comparator threshold.

RECTIFY-R is a simple positive voltage rectifier for octave-up and rectifying bipolar signals into positive only signals.

DETECT-R is a versatile Envelope Follower with three selectable frequency ranges, an additional envelope smoothing control and an input gain control offering up to 27dB of input gain to accommodate line and low level signals - including med to hi output guitar pickups.

Some convenient Jack normalizations are provided:

Patching into the DETECT-R only; will normalize the input into the EXTRACT-R and RECTIFY-R, providing all outputs from a single input.

Patching into the EXTRACT-R only; will normalize the GATE output into the Envelope DETECT-R input, producing an extracted GATE based envelope at the EXTRACT-R's output.

Using the Gate output into the Envelope DETECT-R input provides an additional following method based on variable Gate Extraction from the program material.

All normalizations break if additional inputs are utilized."

"CLONE is a 3hp, High fidelity Multiple featuring two 1x4 buffered multiples.

Multiple B is normalized from multiple A to provide 1x8 multiple capability.

CLONE allows for signal multiplication with extremely low degradation and each section is capable of driving an equivalent load impedance of 300Ohms without signal loss or distortion.

We use audiophile grade active components to ensure signal integrity and fidelity across the audio and low frequency spectrum, ensuring zero loss of your multiplied signals.

In light of modular making it's way into polyphonic territory, 1:4 multiples are necessary to accommodate 4 voice polyphonic modular systems."

via Steady State Fate

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