MATRIXSYNTH: BURG - severance (digitakt, analog four, modular, KORG ms-20, volca, blofeld)

Monday, October 30, 2017

BURG - severance (digitakt, analog four, modular, KORG ms-20, volca, blofeld)

Published on Oct 30, 2017 ollilaboratories

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This is my first proper recorded jam using the Elektron digitakt. It is handling kickdrum, snare, reverse hh and the LOW bass + also sequencing the waldorf blofeld over MIDI.

Also introducing the Noise Engineering BIA, doing some percussion sequenced by the BSP.

This track was a bit of a struggle, trying to get so many new elements into place.. especially the digitakt, so I decided to take it slow and just do some minor things, and it feels like it went well.

The modular has a pretty complex patch, braids does the intro melody (FOLD), rings does some heavily modulated melodies, BIA does percussion and the morphagene does an extremely chopped up vocal sample + string pattern (layered) as a percussive thingy.... patched it through VCA, + maths controlling CV, and sequenced by the BSP .. good fun. :)

ms-20 does a one VCO lead sound + the el capistan delay, analog four adds some percussive sequencing, stabs + that it sequences the 0 coast over CV.

nord lead A1, stacked strings using the swell pedal to pull in some subtle fifths strings, VCF modulated by internal LFO's for some movements.

volca bass and keys, well, they do their stuff :)

Gear used: ms-20 mini, volca bass, keys, elektron digitakt, analog four, roland tr-8, yamaha reface CP, nord lead A1, waldorf blofeld, makenoise 0-coast

Modular rack:

FX, ms-70 CDR on volca keys and bass, el capistan on ms-20, bluesky, particle and CSIDMAN on reface, timeline and eventide on blofeld, EQD transmisser, space spiral, keeley caverns, RE_20 on modular.

hope you will enjoy it!

BooOooM !"

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