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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fragment Synthesizer - Granular + Additive synthesis + Visuals

Published on Oct 6, 2017 Fragment Synthesizer

"Fragment is an online collaborative additive / spectral and soon granular live-coding web. platform, the spectrum is created by a live GPU script, the generated visual is then converted to audio by an additive process (re-synthesis).

Fragment is able to produce high-quality fast additive and granular synthesis simultaneously with re-synthesis support, it has many features making it a bliss to produce any kind of sounds or visuals and is aimed at artists seeking a creative environment with few limitations to experiment with, a programmable noise-of-all-kinds monster.

This is a video of one hour jam on ambient soundscapes made of (simple) granular and additive synthesis patches with live compositing visuals produced from two videos.

This demonstrate granular synthesis features, videos looping/compositing and mixing sound synthesis methods, some new features of the just released one year massive anniversary update.

On this video, i also use the new distributed sound synthesis tool which is able to split sound synthesis computation over multiple machines on the network or cores, 4 Fragment Audio servers were running over multiple core on a i7 CPU to provide polyphonic and multitimbral (4 timbres) additive + granular synthesis with over 150+ grains at the same time.

The code used to produce the granular soundscape and the additive synthesis partials is quite simple this time, this just use envelope, exponential decay of harmonics and pKey."

You can try the Fragment synthesizer now at :

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