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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Testing Eurorack TB 303 Acid Setup Style

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Sound Provider

"I m testing for a future 'Leonard de Leonard' Live and tracks a Roland Tb303 acid style Modular synth setup.
For this setup in my Doepfer case I use the Metropolis Sequencer from intellijel.

For the sound I use the M303 from acidlab through the crazy Strakal Brulu Fuzz and the Make noise Echophon Delay.

For modulation I use 2 Ornament and crime, One is in Sequins mode to trig the Accent and the slide of the M303 and the other is in Mata -q mode to add 3 octave from the metropolis to the M303.

I use also a 4MS pingable Envelope generator to modulate the M303 filter.

I still have to improve this setup but I already like it a lot, it's very fun to play. If you have proposal or question fell free to say it.

For this video I did a very quick drum line with drum shot from the Analog Sound banks

Some world from schneidersladen about the Modular synthesizer is use:

Acidlab - M303:
The M303 is an entire synthesizer voice and to be exact a clone of the TB-303´s analog circuitry in a single Eurorack module. Imagine it as a modular vesion of the Acidlab Bassline without the sequencer but with aditional CV inputs instead.

Intellijel Designs - Metropolis:
Very intuitive eight-step sequencer inspired by the RYK-185 project. It shines with different trigger modes, glide, rest and skip per step, it has swing, a quantizer and a clock generator but the most wicked function is that each step can be repeated before proceeding to the next one. Combined with adjustable length per step you get an instant Techno generator! An awesome machine.

TouellSkouarn - Strakal Brulu Koavonek:
Directly from the Brittany in beautiful France comes the Strakal Brulu, a handmade distortion and fuzz module. The great sound is due to the new-old-stock east-german germanium transistors.

Make Noise - Echophon:
The Echophon flips the script on the trend of software based emulation of analog gear! Tony Rolando from MakeNoise and Tom Erbe from Soundhack prsent the Echophon, a DSP based Echo and Delay module for the Eurorack modular system. It is a digital echo with an unique pitch shifting alogorithm, smooth time modulation, tempo synchronisation and feedbacks with saturation. All parameters can be voltage controlled.

4ms Pingable Envelope Generator:
The Pingable Envelope Generator or PEG is a dual digital envelope generator. The duration of one envelope cycle can be forced-to-fit between two "pings". This means that the envelope will perfectly fit into a rhythmical scheme!

Ornament and crime:"

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