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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Touell Skouarn - Sil Kontrollet LowPass Filter

video upload by SchneidersLaden

"Here are some impressions of the Touell Skouarn Sil Kontrollet LowPass Filter. This is the desktop version, the voltage controlled filter is also available for eurorack modular synthesizers. The filter is great for creating some serious and aggressive sounds. The desktop version is small and light and therefor perfect to add to any instrument that needs some more umpf."

"The Touellskouarn Sil Kontrollet is a powerful 12dB lowpass filter in desktop format.

Input and output, plus two controls for cutoff and resonance as well as a CV input for the filter cutoff frequency make you ready to rock with this little beauty that is definitely no table horn (we guarantee!). Aggressive smacking characterizes this desktop-unit, which produces a sine wave with V/oct tracking capability in the state of self-oscillation and follows its well-known sonic role model with a healthy dose of harshness. The module is powered via its 2.1mm negative jack, which is compatible with standard Ibanez and Boss power supplies."


12dB lowpass filter in OTA design
Large knobs for cutoff and resonance
CV control for cutoff
Nichicon/Panasonic caps
Compatible with standard Boss and Ibanez power supplies (not included)

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Touellskouarn Mar Karit tube preamp with bassline.

video upload by TouellSkouarn

"Touellskouarn Mar Karit tube preamp with bassline."

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Strakal Silisiom : Short Audio Demo

video upload by Robotopsy Robotopsy

"Short Audio Demo of the Strakal Silisiom from TouellSkouarn.

The two fuzzes share the same controls. The Fuzzes and EQ are slightly differents (great for strereo). You can output the Stereo signal by plugin a stereo cable or you can output a mono signal : Fuzz1 - clock wise or Fuzz2 - counterclock wise, or a mix of the 2 fuzzes by turning the morphing pot.

Very characteristic for the module´s sound if the feedback that is coupled to the Fuzz. The more fuzz, the more feedback - the Strakal Silisiom can get pretty nasty and it screams a lot at high fuzz settings and low input level. The fuzz amount can be voltage controlled, morphing also. Can be use as a mono Dual fuzz or a mono input / Stereo output Fuzz."

Thursday, May 19, 2022

[SUPERBOOTH22] EOWAVE / TOUELLSKOUARN OSTILH - Le synthé conçu avec Yann Tiersen (prototype)

video upload by Les Sondiers

"Marc Sirguy d'EOWAVE nous présente le nouveau prototype de synthé conçu en collaboration avec TOUELLSKOUARN et Yann TIERSEN."

"Marc Sirguy from EOWAVE presents the new synth prototype designed in collaboration with TOUELLSKOUARN and Yann TIERSEN."

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Superbooth 22 - Wine & Synths Tour Day 2 ++ E-RM Modular Olympics FEATURE!

video upload by Wine&Synths

Day 1 here

00:00:00 - Tour Start
00:00:32 - Soundfreak
00:01:56 - Serge Modular
00:03:13 - Touellskouarn / Eowave
00:04:07 - UDO
00:05:09 - UDO George Hearn Interview
00:10:11 - Mayer Electronic
00:11:16 - AJH SYNTH
00:11:57 - Verbos
00:12:57 - E-RM
00:14:45 - Modular Olympics Part 1
00:19:34 - Chilling with Haken & La Voix Du Luthier
00:22:45 - Modular Olympics Part 2
00:57:16 - Doepfer Session
00:58:19 - Endorphin / Vermona / Doepfer
00:59:35 - Buchla
01:00:30 - The Stage
01:01:02 - Memories of old times with Schneider

Welcome to the second part of our Superbooth vlog tour which took us to the Bungalow-Dorf. At the end I tell you something about the "Schneiders Büro" live-rig that was exposed in the main entrance. #Superbooth22 #superbooth2022

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Touellskouarn's Strakal Brulu !

video upload by TouellSkouarn

"Strakal Brulu ! teaser"

Friday, March 25, 2022

TouellSkouarn / Diskoutal #3 | SynthFest France 2022

video upload by SynthFest France

"Le SynthFest est partenaire de Diskoutal #3 - Rencontres Modulaires & Performances à l'Eskal."

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Eurorack Ring Modulators

video upload by John Schussler

"Ring modulation, according to the interwebs, is basically AM modulation (amplitude modulation) that goes through the full cycle. In AM modulation, any frequency below zero simply stops the oscillator. With ring modulation, you're still modulating the amplitude, but when the signal goes below zero volts it inverts the oscillator signal rather than stopping it. This creates a variety of new harmonics.

But those aren't necessarily 'ringing' harmonics. The ring in the name comes from the fact that most ring modulators use a "ring" of 4 diodes one into the other to create the effect.

Here's a sampling of the modules I have at the moment, doing a basic comparison of how their timbres differ. And a few have extra features that I'll try to resist playing with for sake of a fair comparison, but will probably fail in the attempt.

Sequence: Stochastic IG. VCO: Dixie II+ square (carrier) and saw (modulator). Envelope: Zadar

00:00 Intro
00:20 Blokan
03:56 RK3
09:35 Erica Synths
15:14 Serge
19:24 Gated sequence
27:28 Ring SM
35:47 E560"

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Utility Minute: This is Not Rocket Science (TiNRS) Switch & Ardabil

video upload by Making Sound Machines

"In this patch, we use This Is Not Rocket Science's Eurorack utility module Switch to send a stereo signal to three different effects -' Milky Way delay, Happy Nerding FX Aid reverb, and a Touellskouarn filter. We then use Switch to switch between the characteristics of a filter."

Utility Minute: This is Not Rocket Science (TiNRS) Ardabil

"In this patch, we route a synth voice using This is Not Rocket Science's Eurorack utility module Ardabil. We’re sequencing a Befaco evenVCO with This Is Not Rocket Science's Tuesday, and using their Edgecutter as an envelope. We then add some movement, transposing the sequence with XOR Freestylo. Finally, we add vibrato using TiNRS Wobbler complex LFO."

Thursday, September 23, 2021

SUPERBOOTH 2021 TouellSkouarn Blokañ Tube Ringmod

video upload by sonicstate

"TouellSkouarn are a French Modular manufacturer based in Brittany and name their products in the Bretan language. The Blokañ is a tube based ring mod with an analog VCO capable of some pretty extreme audio FX. With a modulation inputs for the VCO pitch as well as a dedicated output for the VCO. This was a prototype so no news on availability or price just yet, but stay tuned."

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

TouellSkouarn - Strakal Orsel Special (5654) & Kala Goanv Demos by NOISEBUG

video by NOISEBUG

Left channel audio only for these.

"Here we have the BLCK_Noir going into the Strakal Orsel for some drum destruction.

Both modules are available on our website"

video by NOISEBUG


Saturday, March 13, 2021

TouellSkouarn Feedback Patch NOISEBUG Demo

video by NOISEBUG

"TouellSkouarn self modulating feedback patch."

Friday, February 12, 2021

TouellSkouarn - Strakal Silisiom

video by TouellSkouarn

"Dual eurorack Morphing Fuzz with stereo out"

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Drum loop Thru Strakal Silisiom {dual silicon Morphing Fuzz with stereo out}.


Strakal Silisiom, dual silicon Morphing Fuzz with stereo out.
Input volume, Feedback, Gain, EQ, Morph
Feedback and morphing are cv controlled.
Drum loop from 4MS's Stereo Triggered Sampler.

via TouellSkouarn

Strakal Silisiom

Dual Fuzz/overdrive with Morphing
The two fuzzes share the same controls. The Fuzzes and EQ are slightly differents (great for strereo). You can output the Stereo signal by plugin a stereo cable or you can output a mono signal : Fuzz1 - clock wise or Fuzz2 - counterclock wise, or a mix of the 2 fuzzes by turning the morphing pot.
Selected Silicon transistors
Mono input
Stereo output - with stereo cable
Mono morphing output - with mono cable
Feedback (with cv control)`
EQ (low high)
Morphing (with cv control) Clock wise Fuzz1, counter clock wise Fuzz2
Input Volume
Stupid Breton name

Sunday, May 24, 2020

SynthFest France Videos for May 24, 2020

Published on May 24, 2020 SynthFest France


Waldorf Wave - Eric Mouquet | SynthFest 2020
SyntheGrall - visite virtuelle | SynthFest 2020
Masterclass NED Synclavier 1 | SynthFest 2020
Kosima | SynthFest 2020
Mos-Lab - Visite virtuelle (part 1) | SynthFest 2020
Mos-Lab - Visite virtuelle (part 2) | SynthFest 2020
Yves Usson - Yusynth | SynthFest 2020
TouellSkouarn modular sessions | SynthFest 2020

See the SynthFest France label below for more.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Touellskouarn's Superbooth20 Home Edition : Girts Ozolins from Erica Synths. Full Length

Published on Apr 30, 2020 TouellSkouarn

"Girts Ozolins// Erica Synth s// Riga (LV) // Sonveskañ"

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Touellskouarn Superbooth20 Home Edition : Émilie Tiersen

Published on Apr 29, 2020 TouellSkouarn

"Émilie Tiersen, Musician // Ushant Island (FR) - Strakal Brulu ! {taol evezh}, Ar Merch’et Brao"

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Touellskouarn's Superbooth20 Home Edition : Matthias Puech. Full Version

Published on Apr 27, 2020 TouellSkouarn

"Matthias is the creator of the 4MS Tapographic Delay, 4MS Ensemble Oscillator and the Parasite Firmwares for Mutable Instruments. He's using the Touellskouarn Skorn da Bask (Drone generator)."

Monday, April 27, 2020

Touellskouarn's Superbooth20 Home Edition : François Joncour

Published on Apr 27, 2020 TouellSkouarn

"White Sands Ghosts by François Joncour (Poing feat Mirabelle Gilis)"

Friday, April 24, 2020

Touellskouarn // SuperBooth20 Home Edition

Published on Apr 24, 2020 TouellSkouarn

"Many thanks to all Touellskouarn friends around the world for having created sounds, videos and pictures during the lockdown with Touellskouarn instruments…

Featuring : Julia Bondar, Marc Caro, The Dale Cooper Quartet, Alan Genre,François Joncour, Franck Kartell, Sacha Ketterlin, Marcin Łojek,René Margraff, Modgeist, Girts Ozolins, Hugo R.A. Paris,Matthias Puech, Émilie Tiersen, Yann Tiersen, Twisted Kala…"

Patch n Tweak
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