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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Intellijel NAMM2018 showcase

Published on Jan 25, 2018 intellijel


1. Planar II - Synced CV Recording
The intellijel Planar II is synced to the Metropolis and has X and Y CV outputs patched to the Intellijel / Cylonix Rainmaker and the Rubicon II. As the loop plays, different gestures are recorded and played back via the Planar's recording interface. You can probably imagine how fun this is to play with!

Note: this is a prototype unit and the production version will look a bit different.

2. Morgasmatron acid riffing
Metropolis is sequencing the Rubicon II to create the riff and the Morgasmatron is filtering it with both filters in parallel. I crossfade from filter B in lowpass (LP) mode to filter A in bandpass (BP) before engaging the distortion switch and playing with some other settings.

3. Morgasmatron growling drones
A static pulse wave from the Rubicon II is filtered by the Intellijel Morgasmatron. The resonance, distortion, crossfading and some FM are all manipulated to explore some interesting and very analog sounding textures.

4. Rubicon II TZFM sweeps
The Intell Rubicon II Through Zero Frequency Modulation (TZFM) input is modulated by an Intellijel Dixie II sine wave. The modulator frequency is swept and the index (fm depth) is also manipulated.

5. Rubicon II sub warp
The Intellijel Rubicon II WARP circuit is explored. With nothing patched into the X input the WARP circuit combines the SUB and Tri-State pulse circuit to get a warped waveform. By changing the sub type, tsp type, pulse width or warp position you can manipulate and animate the timbre for extremely rich and fat sounding tones.

6. Rubicon II: Warping Sine
The sine wave from the Intellijel Rubicon II is patched into the X input of the WARP circuit. With the WARP control in center position (and squish circuit off) the sine wave is unchanged. Turning the WARP control up or down mutates the sine wave as does playing with the pulse width. Engaging the SQUISH circuit further enhances the timbre for interesting variations.

Update: and a pic:

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