MATRIXSYNTH: Yamaha DX7 – Test Drive Of FM Player, KQ Dixie, Dexed, NI FM8, Arturia DX7-V and Korg Volca FM

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Yamaha DX7 – Test Drive Of FM Player, KQ Dixie, Dexed, NI FM8, Arturia DX7-V and Korg Volca FM

Published on Jan 16, 2018 Power DX7

"An epic, detailed and accurate test drive of those DX7 emulation apps, VSTs and hardware in 1 video is here!! You will see side-by-side comparison of 6 'DX7 Wanna Be's', compared against Yamaha DX7 MK1 from 1983.

Like understanding true capability and performance of super cars from Ferrari, Porsche and Honda by taking them to a race track and pushing them to their limit, you need to do the same to the DX7 and DX7 Wanna Be's to truely understand their capabilities.

For this epic test drive, I selected a few Power DX7 signature patches that are designed to push FM synthesis further and further. Thus, you will conclusively see how each DX7 Wanna Be is capable of emulating the original DX7 MK1 from over 30 years ago!!!!!

With more than 30 years gaps with some of the DX7 Wanna Be's, has the original DX7 MK1 finally met its match? Are those modern DX7 emulators far better than more than 30 years old DX7 MK1?

We test drive 6 DX7 apps, VSTs and hardware in total.

FM Player - This is a very unique iOS app as it is not a FM synth, but it's DX7 sample player.

KQ Dixie - This is an iOS app that is design to emulate the DX7 MK1 faithfully with additional features, like a filter and effect.

Dexed - This is a free DX7 emulation VST for your Mac and Windows. I have used a new version for this test drive.

Native Instrument FM8 - This is a powerful FM synth VST that can import DX7 patches. It is far more feature rich than Dexed and its a unique FM synth in on its own. For this test drive, my focus is for its DX7 patch compatibility.

Arturia DX7 - V: This is a new VST that claims to have faithfully emulated the DX7 MK1 with added features.

Korg Volca FM - A hardware FM synth that is DX7 compatible. It has built-in sequencer and an effect as well. So, over 30 years in technological advances, can it perfectly emulate the original DX7 MK1 with a wide range of DX7 patches?"

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  1. Thanks so much for all the work. Nice to know your results. Have you tried to compare the new reface DX to the DX7 MKI?



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