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Friday, June 01, 2018

Tubbutec TR-606 uniPulse midi demo

Published on Jun 1, 2018 tubbutec

"Showing the TR-606 uniPulse midi interface features.
Full velocity control for all instruments + 6 Bonus Sounds!
Optional midi clock sync"

Main features

Highly customizable, compatible to almost any drum machine
16 pulse outputs
Full velocity sensitivity
5 different pulse shapes
Outputs positive and/or negative pulses up to 15V/-15V
Voltage and length can be mapped to velocity, controller or CV-input
7 Digital outputs for gates and clocks
Up to 24 simultaneous clock outputs with different midi dividers
Analog output with various functions
Potentiometer / CV input to control length or voltage of pulses

Internal clock multiplier for DIN sync
Easy to use configuration app with preset database for common drum machines
Very small, fits in most drum machines
Various midi socket configurations
Runs off a single supply voltage between +7 and +25V, generates negative voltage internally

Some features in more detail

Various pulse shapes can be selected for each output: Rectangular, Triangular, Decay, Gaussian and Open Rect. The latter is similar to the rectangular pulse, with the exception, that instead of returning to zero volts, it goes into a high impedance state. This allows it to make use of the characteristics of an existing pulse shaping network, such as an RC network built into the drum machine.
The pulse shapes have different sonic characteristics, experimenting which suits best is recommended. The Gaussian pulse for example contains less higher harmonics and can be used to simulate drums hit by a felt headed mallet.pulseshapes
The analogue output and the four digital outputs can be configured to act as sync clocks and gates. This allows it to sync the drum machine to the midi clock. Clock dividers and polarity are adjustable in order to achieve compatibility with all drum machines. Clocks speeds between 48PPQN (din-sync 48) and 1PPQN (one pulse per quarter note) are possible.
By using the 16 pulse outputs, the uniPulse can output up to 21 different clocks simultaneously.

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