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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

BURG - periorbital dark circles

Published on Dec 26, 2018 ollilaboratories

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I have introduced some new gear lately in the studio, my #intellijel 84HP has been upgraded to a 104HP, plus that the old monologue is back. I wanted to make a little bit bigger session to balance the #BURG1K session i have been doing for the past few weeks. :)

Track started out experimenting with the uO_C, using it in harrington 1200 with the 3x A111-3 VCOs from doepfer. Very fun to finally be able to make some chords in the modular, this is one of the reasons I wanted to get a bigger case.

Also, the BIA is doing percussion, Rings is doing.. well what rings does plus the MI tides (with sheep fw) doing some wavetable action. Great fun patch, with a lot of modulation going on.

Also new is the digitone, but it is not really doing much .. just sequencing the vBass (low end) plus some FX processing for the korg vKeys.

Tricking out the monologues as a 2xVCO main lead sound on this one BURG style, as you can hear the filter is not really ms-20.. but it is close enough. Paired with the strymon el capistan it gets that nice tape style vibe.

TR8s on 707 drums + some extra percussion from the digitakt, and the avalon bassline, well, does a bassline :)

I hope you will enjoy this one!


Gear Used:

- Roland TR-8s, drums, percussion and master Side Chain FX for digitone, vKeys, vBass
- KORG volca Keys and Bass
- Elektron Digitakt, Digitone
- Elektron Analog Four (just FX and sequencer)
- Makenoise 0-coast
- Avalon Bassline
- KORG monologue"

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