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Sunday, January 20, 2019

New Elektron Machine Teaser

Published on Jan 20, 2019 Elektron

"New minute. New machine. This is just #..."

Update1: swapped out the Instagram embed with the larger YouTube video.

This one was in via Soviet Space Child.

Screen capture below showing Cymbols, HiHats, Clap, Bass, Filter Cutoff, and various symbols and values.

Update2: via Soviet Space Child, via reddit:

"New Elektron machine graphics from teaser"

And some guesses:

Disk (save)
Infinity (loop?)
Interconnected rings (connecting loops -> "song" mode?)
3D box (room/reverb?)
saw wave
tire track/nazi runes (hopefully the former)
A twisted box (convolution reverb?)
Wrench+waveform (configure waveform)
Circles multiplying (something with subdivisions? stereo delay with feedback?)
Growing/shrinking circles (no idea)
Pencil+tuning fork (custom tunings)
Circle + circle&blackcircle (I get a feeling it has something to do with rhythm?)
tab or sideways start/stop marker
back and forth arrows (looping back and forth feature?)
forward forward arrows (trigger sample and repeat maybe?)
curved up arrow and bars (fade in?)
>>>> forward/tire tracks (fast forward?)

19-28 are self-explanatory words
+24 (sample pitch)
127 is the maximum midi value, could represent anything.

Maybe the filled out circles have to do with morphing something? and the empty ones mean something related to that?

EDIT: What if it has something to do with granular synthesis!!! The dots could represent grains!"

"im hoping granular. looks like it might be 6 voices comprised of 2 oscillators one based on a 'machine' and the other on a sample layer. Each machine probably has its own type of resonator attached to it to mimic the physics of the percussion instruments they're representing."

Update3: a few more icons. Top six rows.

Update4: Meet the Elektron Introduces Model:Samples - New Six Track Sample Based Groovebox.

1 comment:

  1. "Circles multiplying" could be ratcheting / tuplets.*
    "Circle + circle & blackcircle" could be microtiming.
    "Growing/shrinking circles" could be velocity sensitivity.*

    *A couple common complaints on the Octatrack sequencer and I think the other current boxes from memory.



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