MATRIXSYNTH: between seasons

Sunday, April 14, 2019

between seasons

between seasons from ioflow on Vimeo.

"ambient improvisation for monome norns, ipad pro, oto bim, oto bam. semigenerative melodies and percussion patterns. weather shifts. clear skies. warm days and cool nights.

melodies, pads, and bass: five instances of audio damage phosphor 2. the main pad sound is also playing from mlr on norns; three copies running at various speeds and directions, with one pattern recorder per copy.

percussion: three instances of audio damage axon 2.

ipad: kymatica AUM is the host for all the AUv3 instruments and effects. the rozeta sequencer suite is used extensively to generate melodies and chords: three instances of collider and two instances of particles, along with various LFOs and arps to further mutate patterns and ranges. ipad audio tracks use several instances of audio damage plugins: roughrider 2, dubstation 2, and grind.

ableton live is used as a mixer + recorder, and also to send the ipad's melodic tracks to and from the oto bim + bam desktop fx units.

recorded april 13, 2019."

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