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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Percussa SSP Recap - Superbooth 2019

via Percussa:

Come by at booth W210 and get a demo of the SSP featuring the latest software! Below is a recap of everything that happened since last superbooth and what's new.

Launch of the Percussa SSP community and forum (May 2018)
Started shipping the Percussa SSP (May 2018)
Major eurorack dealers started selling the SSP (Feb 2019)
In-depth SSP presentations at several dealers (videos posted on youtube in Feb/Apr 2019)
New preset collection with 60 patches, including polyphonic and multitimbral wavetable and granular (Mar 2019)
We released 19 software updates since last superbooth covering:

new modules:

microtonal quantizer module with SCALA support
bus module for building large / polyphonic patches
stereo delay module
stereo reverb module
signal switcher module
physical modeling membrane
macro module for controlling many parameters with a few knobs
envelope follower
simple delay
arpeggiator with clock multiplier and divider
VST module for hosting linux/ARM VST plugins
quad VCA module (VST plugin) multiplying 4 pairs of signals
bit crusher module
Updated Multichannel Recorder / Sampler:

extended the recorder to support recording up to 16 input and 8 output channels
faster file loading workflow
new drawing and visualisation code for scopes and sample displays
ability to record and edit files of up to 2GB in size
non-destructive editing (crop, reverse, normalize, …)
zoom features
granular module update

added 10 grain windows including hanning, blackmann-harris, flattop, … and more
ability to load your own windows from a WAV file and to save default windows for editing
ability to modulate window shape
live input recording, overdubbing and freezing of buffer
start/stop of recording both manually and via trigger/gate input
dry/wet mix of input and grains
support for manual triggering of grains using any other signal
stereo signal support with pan randomization
sampler module update

added manual sample auditioning
added seperate modulation input for 8 slots per sampler module
real-time visualizations of sample start / length / playhead etc.
support for multichannel WAV files (load up to 8 files of 8 channels per sampler)
support for switching between first channel/layering of channels per slot
crossfading with adjustable length and visualisation
fine tuned parameter ranges
zoom features
step sequencer update

2 gate “tracks” besides the existing step value “track”
new outputs for gate 1/2
new outputs for outputting step value last time gate 1/2 was high
added clock output
support for MIDI start/stop besides MIDI clock
oscillator updates

sync inputs
phase distortion inputs
stacking (WTO) with pitch ratio editing/modulation
index/ratio/detune parameters for easy FM patch creation
midi module update

added support for selecting which channels are accepted by which module
added 8 configurable outputs specifically for MIDI CCs per module
added parameters for configuring CC numbers used per module
added seperate pitch bend output so it can be used without note data
added new voice allocation algorithm so patches can be built with any number of voices
simple, transparent support for both MPE and old-school MIDI controllers
developer SDK and documentation:

free and open source code for building your own modules (VST plugins) for the SSP
example quad VCA module source code
info on how to set up your development environment
UI and usability updates

grouping of oscillators/envelopes for faster parameter editing in polyphonic patches
new, smaller and better binary preset format which takes less time to load presets
module catalogue in network editor (patcher) for quick module insertion
preset renaming code supports longer names and spaces/capitals
support for file loading using push encoders
copy pasting of modules in patcher grid
new file browser supporting deep folder navigation
new drawing and visualisation code for scopes and sample displays
encoder physics with acceleration/deceleration
That's it for now :-) More to come after Superbooth 2019.

Bert & Celine

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