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Friday, January 10, 2020

MIDI Mod on the iPhone as a Performance Utility - an AN1x style patch on the Prophet Rev2

Published on Jan 9, 2020 thesrabbit

MIDI Mod Overview video further below. You can find it in the App Store here.

Spotted this one on discchord.

"I love the sound of the AN1x, but programming it is not the quickest experience. The Rev2 has similar capabilities from a sound design perspective (plus a whole lot of things that the AN1x can't do). However, the AN1x has an awesome effects section that blows away that of most modern synths. In this video, I use MIDI Mod to do some fairly simple routings, just using the Mod Matrix. No LFO's, envelopes, arps, or anything else.

MIDI Mod is running on an iPhone X, hooked up to the MeeBlip Cubit Go via USB. MIDI out of the Cubit Go is running to the MIDI In on the Rev2. And MIDI Out of the Rev 2 is going to MIDI In on the Cubit Go. This gives MIDI Mod 2-way communication with the Rev2. Now this could easily be done without DIN cables at all, just connecting MIDI Mod directly to the Rev2 over USB. But later in the video, external effects are added to level the playing field with the AN1x on that front, somewhat. One of the pedals (Ventris Dual Reverb) has a MIDI input and so there's a MIDI DIN cable running to that as well.

The idea behind the patch isn't to recreate the exact patch on the Rev2, but to create a similar patch from a structural point of view. 2 layers, one as a pad, and 1 as an arp spanning multiple octaves. With the ability to fade the arp in and out via the modwheel. "Program Volume" is not a modulation destination on the Rev2 itself, but we can easily access it with MIDI Mod (or almost any other of the bazillion parameters on the Rev2).

In addition, Note (MIDI Note) is routed to Layer A Pan Spread and Layer B Pan Spread on two different slots. Layer A has the arp, and so the range is set to 63-127 to throw the voices out wider. Layer B is the pad, so the range is restricted to 0-12 to keep things more centered, which makes that aspect of the sound a little more meaty, especially the lower notes. This can easily be adjusted to taste.

Finally, the modwheel is assigned to the pre-delay time of the Ventris later on in the video when the external effects are brought in.

The point of this is to illustrate what you might do with MIDI Mod in a pinch, to get that little extra something. Made even easier now that you can do it just by using your phone!

- MIDI Mod for iOS (on an iPhone X)
- Sequential Prophet Rev2
- Yamaha AN1x
- MeeBlip Cubit Go MIDI Interface
- TC Electronic Flashback II Delay
- Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb"

MIDI Mod for iPad - Full Overview with the Yamaha Reface CS

Published on Jul 6, 2019 thesrabbit

"This video uses the Yamaha Reface CS and Arturia Keystep to provide a full rundown of MIDI Mod's major features, including:

Mod Matrix
Sync and App Settings

MIDI Mod's Main Features:
4 LFOs
3 Envelopes (delay and hold, loopable, 2 ADSR, one 4-stage with individual level controls)
Arpeggiator with an auto-transpose sequencer (sequencer of a sequence) and modulation capabilities
32-slot mod matrix with fine tune value ranges for each assignment and inversion (negative)
Mod sources include the LFOs, envelopes, arp note on, arp note off, and when used with an external keyboard, you get Aftertouch, Velocity, note (key tracking), Pitchbend, Modwheel, and expression as mod sources.

What sets MIDI Mod apart is ease of use when making assignments. It comes with over 50 pre-defined device mappings. So there's no need to dig through your user manual or midi implementation chart. Just select the manufacturer, model, and parameter name from the menu. Additionally, you have a ton of internal routings that can be made. For example, LFO 2 could modulate LFO 1's rate, Envelope 2 could control LFO 2's mod depth, and so on."

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