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Monday, January 13, 2020

New Modules From Noise Engineering

"Noise Engineering is pleased to announce three Eurorack modules we'll be showing at NAMM this year. We'll be at NAMM booth 10502 -- please come by!

Univer Inter is a completely customizable MIDI-to-CV interface: UI includes USB MIDI, TRS MIDI in and out, and 8 ⅛” outputs that can be configured as pitch, gate, cv, trigger, or any other parameter you could desire. Chain two and get maximal polyphony! Our simple web-based configuration means no installing difficult-to-use programs -- all in 6hp. Virt Iter is a 6hp stereo oscillator with tons of modulation options. Multiple firmwares add to the extreme flexibility of the module. Desmodus Versio is a 10hp reverb with a Noise Engineering touch. Seven controls and three modes make it sonically rich; CV all parameters as desired. Best, both VI and DV are the first modules on our new user updatable platforms: watch for more oscillators (6hp) and effects (10hp) that can be swapped out.

Univer Inter - Video teaser
Univer Inter is an 8-output MIDI-to-CV interface with USB MIDI, and TRS MIDI in and out, compatible with Mac and Windows, and iOS/Android via USB adapters. Configure the 8 analog outputs in our easy-to-use webpage with USB via Mac, PC, or Android devices -- no need to install complicated programs! Choose from presets that come with UI, or create your own with simple drop-down menus allowing you to choose between pitch, gate, trigger, velocity, MIDI CC, MIDI clock, and MIDI transport for each output. Group outputs polyphonic pitch, gate, velocity, and trigger. Two UIs can also be chained, for up to 8-voice polyphony. In addition to MIDI to CV, you can use it as a bidirectional MIDI to USB adapter.

Product link:
Price/Availability: TBA

Virt Iter - Video teaser
Virt Iter is a 6hp stereo oscillator. VI features a pitch encoder (default fine tune, push for coarse tune; VI is hard to accidentally bump out of tune) and two tone controls. Three modes give it tons of sonic versatility. VI also features a sync input, CV, and per-channel audio-rate modulation. VI is based on our new user-updatable oscillator platform: new modes coming soon -- so VI will be many oscillators in one. Updating the module is easy via the back-panel micro USB port; the module doesn’t even need to be connected to Eurorack power.

Product link:
Price/Availability: TBA

Desmodus Versio - Video teaser
Desmodus Versio is Noise Engineering’s take on reverb, based on our new stereo DSP platform. DV features seven parameters and two sets of three interacting modes: morph all the way from relatively simple delay effects, spring-like echoes, infinite distorting havoc, a few Noise-Eng style goodies, and much, much more. Similar to VI, it can be easily updated over USB to future effects firmwares we’ll release on the platform.

We’re also REALLY excited to announce that DV is our next charity initiative. Similar to our Manis Iteritas partnership with, we’re partnering with Bat Conservation International for Desmodus Versio: a portion of the proceeds from every DV sold goes to bat conservation. Find out why bats are not only cool but also important at our NAMM booth, or at Bat Conservation International’s website,

Product link:
Price/Availability: TBA

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