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Sunday, January 05, 2020

#Synthuary2020 / #Jamuary2020 - 05

Basslines & Pedal Tones, Punching Tripods & Big Stereo Mixes in 6HP // #JAMUARY2020 Day 5

Published on Jan 5, 2020 DivKidVideo

See the Synthuary label for more. Synthuary because these are the Jamuary synth videos. More below.

"Here's some Eurorack beats and bass that came from wanting to build up a big sounding stereo mix from a small Eurorack mixer, which was the ST. Mix by Befaco. The piece built around that but quickly went into working basslines with moving pitches against a static pedal tone that plays an octave higher. Hints of chord tones develop as the bass moves and the pedal tone stays static. The beats shift with random probability and I'm just playing around with this live.

Full patch note exclusive on for this and all the Jamuary uploads."

Jamuary 2020 - day 5 jam with Cuckoo (OP-1 and po35 speak)

Published on Jan 5, 2020 amenemo1010

"the spirit of a jam is to do it together. So today I decided to do it virtually with Cuckoo who is the creator of this fantastic #jamuary initiative. I used the dual screen zenbook pro to have Cuckoo in front of me in his latest video and I played with him using my lovely OP-1 by #teenageengineering and the po35 speak, sampling some cuckoo words from her video.

Hope you enjoy 😊

#Jamuary2020 Day5: Volca Bass Only (Improvisation)

Premiered 4 hours ago VolcaNiced

"What can I say.
My plan is to do another 45 or longer Volca Bass Only Improvisation in the near future. SO I just thought, give it a try for a couple of minutes in the #Jamuary2020.

And here we go."

#jamuary2020 Day 5 - Arturia Minibrute 2S and Behringer Deepmind, feat. Zoom MS-CDR-70

Published on Jan 5, 2020 Oscillator Sink

"I am beyond tired this evening but I was on a streak of not missing days and I didn't want to use falling asleep at the desk as an excuse not to record something.

So here we have a sleepy patch on the Minibrute, albeit a little menacing, especially once it meets the "Mangled Verb" algorithm on the Zoom MS-CDR70. Alongside that we have a classic little lead patch I knocked up on the Deepmind especially for this jam because I was too tired to pick a preset.

Thanks for watching. I'm going to bed."

#Jamuary2020 - 05 - RPG inspired sad theme

Published on Jan 5, 2020 True Cuckoo

"The idea with Jamuary is to get going with what you have, and to help get comfortable sharing and performing little jams, and to get to know each other and appreciate what everyone is doing in the electronic music independent scene. Post a little music snippet every day of jamuary, or for as many of the days that you have the energy to. Browse the hashtag and get inspired. Get to know musicians you had never heard about, and perhaps even make some friends along the way."

DAWless JAMuary 2020 - day 5

Published on Jan 5, 2020 Mike Sisk

Gear used:
(2) Moog Mother-32

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