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Monday, January 06, 2020

#Synthuary2020 / #Jamuary2020 - 06

#Jamuary2020 Day 6: Shine on crazy Diamond (free interpretation with MicroFreak)

Published on Jan 5, 2020 VolcaNiced

See the Synthuary label for more. Synthuary because these are the Jamuary synth videos. More below.

"I love this Song.

I remember myself walking thru a park in my hometown Frankfurt years ago and found some Vinyl Records in a bush. One of this vinyls was "Animals" in Pink and "Wish you where here". I was 19 and had no clue what the hack Pink Floyd is. So I put the record on the player and then I was .... infected. Man, that moment first time hearing their music wihtout knowing who they are was unbelievable.

So in tribut to that great moment I am playing some leads from this great Song "Shine on crazy Diamond". Thanks @Waveformer for your influence on this with his video here:

Unfortunately I didnt own the Monologue so I had to build this Lead patch with the Microfreak. This took me about 2 hrs to get this. And it is still not perfect.

The backround sound comes from the Ipad and the App #DigitalD1 from @AudioKit. One of the best apps I own on the Ipad by the way. I build this sound with the PCM Moduls "Epic Pad" and "Glory Organ" and a little bit of tuning.

Enjoy the short trip into the 70th and dont be to sensitive with the mistakes I did. It's #Jamuary2020. Let's do music."

Exploring the power of Additive Synthesis with Odessa from XAOC Devices // #JAMUARY2020 Day 6

Published on Jan 6, 2020 DivKidVideo

"Odessa from XAOC Devices just arrived and I wanted to play around with it and immediately get to exploring the massive range sounds that additive synthesis can give, now in the modular format. There's up to 2560 partials (harmonics - and controlling there levels is what additive synthesis actually is) that can be added, faded in and out like filtering, spread, the tension between the, adjusted and lots more. It's an immediate, playable interface that has left me really wanting to explore further. More video with Odessa in the future."

Mark Mosher #Jamuary2020 Day 06

Published on Jan 6, 2020 Mark Mosher

"My #jamurary2020 Day 06 - under the watchful eye of Gort - is once again made all on one @Apple iPad Air with no external synths or audio processing.

#aum is the host and the musical bed is a string part improvised with lovely @sugarbytesofficial Factory synth into an instance of the most amazing @audio.damage Enzo looper and a beat I created with most groovy @olympianoiseco Patterning 2. I improvise a lead on @cmepro Xkey Air keys over the bed with the killer @korgofficial iMono/Poly synth and start fading in parts with the LaunchpadX.

My lead and the musical bed start to fill up effects buffers in @sugarbytesofficial Turnado and I then improvize and control slicing in real-time with Launchpad X. The @Eventideaudio Blackhole appears throughout the signal flow to give the piece some sense of space."

#jamuary2020 Day 6 - Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Published on Jan 6, 2020 Oscillator Sink

"Time was very tight today, so I put the parts for this jam together quickly on my lunch-break and recorded it in a spare free minutes when I got home. I like how "plinky" and pretty the OP-Z's synths can sound if that's what you're after."

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