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Friday, February 28, 2020

New BugBrand Modules

Note the following is from the BugBrand email list so it's a bit less formal.

"The news front has been quiet this winter - it has felt like a time for contemplation, catching & tidying up - but now Spring is approaching, always so welcome, and ideas can start to stretch & emerge.

First, there are a few new modules coming out - slowly for now, with little push/promo - systems keep on growing around the world:
Quadrature Sine - an updated version of the old pre-2013, a pure oscillator/LFO producing Sine & Cosine
Matrix - 6 inputs to 4 outputs - for CV or audio
DC Mixer - a nice little utility for signal mixing (+ inversion & offset)

Something that has been bubbling in my mind for some time (and helped along through discussions with my ever wonderful assistant, Jasmine) - a mixture of letting go, opening up, setting up experiments, planting seeds. I've long enjoyed the mix of technical (system design, studio routing) balanced against the more creative (playing the audio clay of a system), but find I rarely get enough time to dive deep into play & recording, along with wonderings on how I can involve others.

Slowly, slowly I wish to get people in to the studio to play & experiment - to see how people use the machines, to feel around how best to explain the technical sides, to be open to the many sounds which arise. Now we observe the early steps - the first visitor came in yesterday and left somewhat hypnotised! I do not know what might arise and that is exciting. So I plant this seed of an idea with few preconceptions - I want to explore it gradually & look forward to the conversations & meetings that might occur through it. The logistics are TBC - the approach is open.

In other bits of news:
Next month, 21st March, Machina Bristronica (organised by Elevator Sound) is happening again in Bristol. A massive gathering of audio machines! I think I will be positioned next to old friend & fellow Bristol synthesist/designer George Hearn & his wonderful UDO polysynth - finally I will get to try it!
Here's a little Youtube recording from last week: [Posted here]
On the stock & production front - the Corona virus is definitely having something of an impact & we just have to roll with it. Board production is very slow at the moment - no massive problem at present, but we'll have to see how it all goes.

Currently - visit the online shop:
The last DRM2 for now is online! I'll aim to do another board run soon, but could take some months..
StereoCompress - another batch is being made right now so should be out within 2 weeks
SynthVoices & other modular setups are somewhat limited due to waiting on Dual Envelope & Dual Filter production - but lots of other modules ready on the shelf & I can always do frames etc.
I think that covers most of the news for now!

Best wishes to all!

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