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Saturday, October 14, 2023

4 beats with the Bugbrand Modular Synthesizer

video upload by Modern Fate


video upload by Modern Fate

"All sounds from the Bugbrand modular, additional stereo processing, reverb and mixing in Ableton."

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

New Bugbrand NSH - Noise, Sample & Hold & Red Phase Shifter Modules

via Bugbrand

"NSH stands for Noise, Sample & Hold – a module which features analogue Noise and a pair of Sample & Hold processors.

The Sample & Hold circuits are identical, each with Input, Output & Clock input (with internal comparator, trigger level c.+1V). The Source Input can be set to either an external signal or takes the White Noise source direct. The S&H can be run at audio rates for ‘bug-crushing’ (analogue sample-rate reduction – NOT bit-crushing).

The Noise section is standard transistor-based White Noise, with a second Filtered output which passes through a simple tilt filter around 1kHz cutoff."

via Bugbrand

"The Phase is a 6 pole, analogue Phase Shifter designed for hands-on sonic thickening. Made up of 12 All-Pass Filter stages, it features fully balanced Input/Outputs, Feedback, and Modulation from an internal LFO and/or external sources. All in a very playable design, stemming very much from the blue Phaser module.

Check the Block Diagram image. The main Input is designed for typical line level signals with variable gain up to 20dB and soft-clipping so you can add some overdrive if desired. The Feedback input stage is similar but without the variable gain – it is normalised from the Phase output & plugging a jack plug in breaks this normalisation. The buffered input signal is split off to the Phasing stages and the dry signal also passes on to the output mixer where it mixes with the Phase stage outputs. The Phase stages is also buffered to provide a pure wet output.

The magic of All-Pass Filter stages, here built around three of the ever versatile 2164 quad-VCA chips, is that they alter the phase of signals at their filtering frequency while preserving their amplitude. (With a pure sine-wave, this would look like the waveform being shifted in phase from the input – but you’ll rarely be putting in a pure sine!). When you mix together the dry & processed paths, frequencies cancel each other out to create peaks & troughs in the frequency response. The main Phase control, combined with any modulation, sets the centre frequency for the filtering and covers the whole audio spectrum.

Dialing in Feedback passes the phase-stage output back around to its input (via a normalised jack connection – allowing experimentation with further external processing) which emphasises the filtering up to the edge of resonance. The Add/Subtract switch inverts the phase output & the feedback input to give two different response modes and there is also an internal jumper that allows some subtle behavioural differences by putting the feedback into either the first or second filter stage (set as standard to 2nd stage, down position, but… experiment!).

Static filtering (ie. without modulation) can be used to highlight particular frequencies, but bringing in modulation is perhaps the more readily audible approach – give it some movement! The internal sine-wave Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) covers traditional sweep modulation (range approx 0.08-10Hz), but more interesting usage can be found with external sources such as sequencers etc. Note that when switched on initially, if the LFO Rate is set low then the oscillations will take some time to build up to full strength, so you may want to turn the control up full until the LED indicator is clearly blinking. The LFO also has a banana output jack (+/-5V). The External Modulation input takes a CV input (typically 10V peak-to-peak) and has a convenient polarity/mute switch. See the Understanding signals & voltages and Interfacing with Bananas pages for further technical details."

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Lunchbox Voice Prototype gets patched ! - Low-Gain Electronics | 4U Modular

video upload by LowGainElectronics

"Had a shop visit from the talented @helenastndc all the way from Spain/Sweden yesterday! We had a great discussion about synthesizers, design/diy and education. She got a little time to patch on the lunchbox voice system prototype on my test bench. We didn’t get a chance to get a proper recording of it but I fired it up where she left it and grabbed this recording of it this morning. Just turned a couple of knobs during the recording to see what sonic journey it would take! Hope you enjoy! Headphones recommend for full fidelity!"

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Spring tour 2023 pt. 3/4 // Patch Point, Hanse 3 - Dresden, Synthesizers

video upload by Kristoffer Lislegaard

"Studio session at Patch Point and playing live in Dresden"

Wall of Ciat-Lonbarde, Bug Brand & Serge systems.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Blacet Modular System Fracrack Synthesizer System

via this auction

Additional Tone Tweakers Listings, also on Reverb

"This is a 3 rack set of hard to find pre-assembled Blacet Modular frac rack compatible modules. Fracrack or fractional rack modules were the precursor to eurorack modulars, and some feel they sound better than the euro rack standard. Some of these modules were factory assembled and some were not. There are a couple partially cut wires in the non-factory assembled modules that we will probably remove entirely before shipping. All modules were tested individually in another system and determined to be working properly. Power supply and and rack enclosure are not included. If you need a power supply, please email us as we may be able to provide one for an additional cost.

This sale includes the following:

3 racks

Rack 1:
STG multiples
Blacet Research VCO 2100
Blacet Research Dual Filter 2420
Blacet Research Final Filtre 2030
Blacet Research EG1 2070
Blacet Research Dual Lin VCA 2410

Rack 2:
STG multiples
Blacet Research VCO 2100
Blacet Research Dual Filter 2420
Blacet Research Final Filtre 2030
Blacet Research EG1 2070
Blacet Research Dual Lin VCA 2410

Rack 3:
Blacet Research Stonz 2440
Blacet Research Window Comparator 2700
Blacet Research Dual Filter 2420
Blacet Research Klang Werk 2010
Blacet Research Time Machine 2050

15 frac rack power cables"

Saturday, March 04, 2023

BLACET Frac Synth with 10 Modules and Case

Blacet Research MD2600/2650 Module Tutorial video upload by jblacetIII

From the listing:


This selects three inputs via a control voltage and sends it to the output. Musically interesting, and you can see the YouTube video on how this one's designed."

via this auction

Thursday, March 02, 2023

Vivaldi Four Seasons, AUTUMN, On Analog Synthesizer - Look Mum No Computer

video upload by LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

"Another #Classical Song done on my DIY #Analog #Synthesizer.
Vivaldi summer made with synthesizer based and built on an arrangement by g.pollen a prolific arranger from the original scores.
you can download wav/mp3 track here on Patreon amongst many others :-"

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Vivaldi Four Seasons - Spring, On Analog Synthesizer - Look Mum No Computer

video upload by

"Another #Classical Song done on my DIY #Analog #Synthesizer.
Vivaldi summer made with synthesizer based and built on an arrangement by g.pollen a prolific arranger from the original scores.
you can download wav/mp3 track here on Patreon amongst many others :-"

Sunday, February 05, 2023

BugBrand Modular (Lots of Rarities - DRM1X + Scrotum Labs & more)

via this auction

"3 Frames of mostly Blues (have rack ears on frame): Scrotum Labs: Tresses (Braids), Radio Music x 2, Orgone Accumulator, Le Seq, Grilles (Grids). Bugs: DRM2, DDSR, diode director, dual divide, DRM1X, LPG & Dual Mixing x 2.

I am optionally including a set of clear acrylic end cheeks (5 frames). If you have a 2 frame synth voice going from Tom, these 3 frames will super charge your modular and you will be making dope beats, etc in no time!"

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Bugbrand DRM2

via this auction

You can find a demo of the BugBrand DRM2 here.

Pic of the back below.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

10 10 22 Scrotum Lab - Jam with Mini-System

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Bugbrand 3 Rows System

via this auction

"So many things going on there ! Lots of sequencing and processing option for many oscillating sources. It really is a complete system, for never ending explorations. It comes with custom rack ears, bananas and PSU. It is in awesome shape, everything was built by Tom within last year."

Sunday, July 03, 2022

12.23.19 Scrotum Lab - DRM1 with Grilles - Tip for rhythm variations

video upload by batchas

"Today I found this video unpublished on channel and decided to make it public."

28 01 19 Changing Grilles rhythm patterns on the fly

"Today I found this video unpublished on channel and decided to make it public. I find it funny.
Grilles is triggering the Radio Music modules (normal trig out) and Tresses (accent out).
Beat: Scrotum Lab Grilles + Radio Music.
Osc: Tresses going through COF filter.
Efx: PT Delay."

6 02 18 BugBrand Modular - Using the Matrix Mixer for the rhythm

"Today I found this video unpublished on channel (low quality) and decided to make it public. Nothing serious as usual, but I like it!"

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

BugBrand SynthVoice+ Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"It has all the modules in the SynthVoice+ system on Tom’s website except the Dual PreAmp. It really does sound fantastic!

included in the system is:

Dual Envelope
3x Compact VCOs
Dual Filter (perfect for pinging!)
Dual Amplifier
Dual Mixing
Joystick / Touch
DDSR (amazing module!)
Dual Divide
LPG (now discontinued!)
PT Delay

It comes with an assortment of short and long banana cables, plus to banana to minijack cables for connecting with other systems.

The system is in mint condition and hardly used."

Sunday, June 05, 2022

Blacet Research Frac Format Modules

via these listings

Blacet Research 2310 Filthy Filtre frac modular multi-mode VCF

Blacet Research 2000 Dark Star Chaos frac rack modular very rare first run Rev 0 module

Blacet Research 2010 Klang Werk frac modular complex ring modulator

Blacet Research 2200 VCA Quad Mix frac modular voltage controlled mixer / VCA

Blacet Research 2070 EG1 voltage controlled ADSR/AD/LFO frac rack modular

Blacet Research 2410 Dual Linear VCA frac rack modular

Blacet Research 2210 Multiple/Attenuator frac rack modular

Monday, April 11, 2022

3am - Stumble

video upload by justin3am

"A self-playing patch featuring Serge, Lorre-Mill, Blacet/Frac and Bugbrand modular synths and ZOIA Euroburo from Empress FX. Bad lighting but some neat sounds. Probably longer than it needs to be, lol."

Friday, April 08, 2022

New BugBrand Drive VCA & Sequence Modules

Interesting side note: BugBrand is entering their 17th year this year, and so is MATRIXSYNTH. This verson of MATRIXSYNTH that is. The original launched in 97. That aside, the new modules:

via BugBrand

The Drive VCA combines most of the features of the Dual Amplifier module into a single space.

It can either be run in Clean (Cln) mode as a regular VCA or switched to a sweepable mix between Zener-Diode Saturation or harmonic Wave-Folding via the Type control.

Control level is a sum of the Initial (Manual) control combined with the two CV inputs – one has a depth control with polarity & mute switch, while the 2nd is full-range unattenuated.

The response can be swept from Exponential to Linear, altering how the VCA responds to control signals.

The VCA is DC-coupled with gain up to unity.

The Sequence module is a powerful sequencing & clocking module with some interestingly different functions that take it away from regular binary approaches. The core builds around a binary logic counter chip, with clocking, reset & direction input options, while on the eight output steps it offers two gate busses and a voltage output with variable Up/Down glide. The rear of the module features several expansion headers allowing it to tie ‘behind the scenes’ to other clocking modules to create an integrated sequencing system.

Have a check of the block diagram image above. Note that control inputs pass through comparators (threshold c.+1V) so can work with almost any signal.

Clocking – the onboard Clock Oscillator goes from approx 0.65Hz/40BPM up to c.140Hz (8400BPM!). The main clock source is switchable between Internal (Clock Osc) or External source, and can clock fine at audio rates (tested up to 20kHz!).

The Clock Output is switchable between Internal or Main – allowing you to send out the Clock Osc & divide it before sending it back in to the External Clocking input (thanks Palle for that suggestion!). The Main option for this switch can also be changed to output the Lengthened clock pulse via a rear header (MAIN_CLK_OUT) which is set to CLK as standard.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

BugBrand 2Frame Modular System

via this auction

Entire system was purchased new direct from BugBrand in December 2021. Power supply and large batch of Pomona banana leads is included. The three modules on the lower row to the left were built within the past year by MW user soup. Flawless builds, each function perfectly. SMOOTH OPERATOR is a Serge SSG adaptation without the 'coupler' circuit. CV WRANGLER is an adaptation of Mutable Instruments Kinks. ATTENUVERTERS is an adaptation of Mutable Instruments Shades. Not intending on parting out; this is a complete, versatile and standalone system. Feel free to ask any questions. Complex VCO x2 2130 VCO Multiplier Dual Filter Dual Amplifer Dual Mixing Smooth Operator CV Wrangler Attenuverters Dual Divide Logic Dual Envelope Phaser Joystick / Touch"

Friday, February 04, 2022

03 07 21 BugBrand Modular & Scrotum Lab

video upload by batchas

"BugBrand Modular System with & Scrotum Lab modules.
Recorded in march 2021."

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Scrotum Lab Mini-System & Soma Pulsar 23

video upload by batchas

"Scrotum Lab Mini-System audio out plugged into mixer input of Pulsar 23. Mono audio out of Pulsar 23 goes directly to sound card. No exterrnal efx added, no EQ and so on."

Scrotum Lab Mini-System & Soma Pulsar 23 [Part 2]

"Scrotum Lab Mini-System audio out plugged into mixer input of Pulsar 23.
Mono audio out of Pulsar 23 goes directly to sound card.
No exterrnal efx added, no EQ and so on."

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