MATRIXSYNTH: Boss Bow Two Overview - 8 Way Multimode Switch - ALM027

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Boss Bow Two Overview - 8 Way Multimode Switch - ALM027


"The brand new Boss Bow Two is an eight way bidirectional multimode switch with three different selection modes: step, strobe, and address. These control methods and I/O flexibility allow for a wide range of potential patches with Boss Bow Two as it can interface with essentially any signals generated in a modular system. In this video we look at making complex LFOs, routing voices, modifying/creating trigger patterns, creating unique sequences, slicing up envelopes, switch ring modulation, and much more!

0:11 Introduction / Overview
0:54 Inputs and Outputs

1:45 Address Mode Overview - Routing Synth Voices
3:43 Address Mode Overview - On / Off with Reset
5:21 Address Mode - Routing 8 LFOs
7:47 Address Mode - Creating Complex Envelopes

10:25 Strobe Mode Overview - Beats from a Single Clock
14:20 Strobe Mode - Ratcheting with Multiple Clocks
15:21 Strobe Mode - 1 Voice With 4 Sequenced Oscs

18:05 Step Mode Overview
18:52 Step Mode - Chaining Two 4-Step Sequencers
22:34 Step Mode - Patching 8 Offsets to Create a CV Sequencer
26:16 Step Mode - Slicing an Envelope to 1 Output per Stage

28:26 Looping Envelope to Castle CV Inputs (Step Mode) / Out of Time Beats
30:16 Ring Mod Style Audio Rate On / Off Switching (Address or Strobe Modes)
31:53 Pre Filter Switching Thru Oscillator Outputs (Step Mode)
34:06 Feeding MCO Outs Back In to Sync (Step Mode)
35:13 Rerouting a Euclidean Pattern Around the System - Complex Beat (Strobe Mode)

Thanks for watching!"

"‘Boss Bow Two’ is an 8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch with 3 different control modes: address, strobe, and step. Each control mode uniquely routes signals from an input ‘I/O’ to an output ‘I/O’. Address mode allows for instant routing manually via the offset or external control voltage, step mode sequentially advances I/O following signal at the clock input and the strobe mode combines the two, holding the addressed position until the next clock pulse.

The reset input allows for master on off switching in address and strobe modes and traditional sequencer style ‘reset’ in step mode. The control input features both an attenuverter and offset to precisely select which of the 8 I/O’s are available to be ‘switched’ in address and strobe modes and sets the direction of travel in step mode.

As it is bidirectional, audio or CV can be routed from 1 of up to 8 inputs to a single output or a single input to 1 of up to 8 outputs. The unique features and flexibility of the ‘BB2’ allow for a wide range of potential patches to be created.


8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch
3 unique control modes: address, strobe, and step
1 input into any 1 of up to 8 outputs -or- 1 of up to 8 inputs into a single output
Accepts both audio and CV at I/O’s
Accepts a variety of control signals, triggers, gates & CV.
Attenuverter and offset controls for the CV input
Clock and reset inputs
Fast switching and reset up to audio rates
Skiff friendly
Designed and built in England."

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