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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Spherical Sound Society - Opera Rotas Experimental FM Drum Machine


"First demo of the machine. Please excuse the poor direct audio. I will be uploading quality captures to soundcloud in the coming days.

Live it sounds crisp, crystal clear aun unique beyond words.

I have written an experiemtal synth/drummachine around the Megadrive FM audio chip. The firmware is in progress. The machine creates patters at the fly that you can mangle and tweak with mostly all the FM parameters in real time.

Its plenty of beautiful electronic landscapes, rythms and techno mayhem.

The unit has a midi in port, so you can play it with a keyboard too (this firmware is to be implemented, if any)

Some units and PCBs will be available to sell in the coming weeks at my tindie store:"

"OPERA ROTAS is a mutant, generative drum machine. It's built around a Yamaha OPL2 FM audio chip, a close cousin of the Sega Genesis / Megadrive consoles.

At the core, it has a real Yamaha OPL2 audio chip and live sounds bonkers. Brutal, it's all body weight while being crystal clear and punchy. Really the videos don't do aural justice but it serves to get an idea. There will be decent audio demos coming to my Soundcloud soon.

The firmware is a work in progress. One branch of the firmware consists of attaching a midi keyboard to it and converting it into a fully fledged polyphonic synth.

The project will go open source at some point. I just ask for people to not do commercial PCBs of it, as I sell it here. If you get one PCB or kit you can ask for the source code to tweak it if you will.

It comes in 4 flavours:

Built unit. Ready to plug and play.
Full kit. Everything you need to build one. You need to solder it. Beginners level.
Basic kit. The PCB plus a programmed SMT32 microcontroller. You source the rest of the components.
PCB alone. You source all the components, program the chip, and run it."

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