MATRIXSYNTH: Majella Audio Introduces the IMPLEXUS West-Cost Style Desktop Synth

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Majella Audio Introduces the IMPLEXUS West-Cost Style Desktop Synth

Majella Audio

"The Majella Audio IMPLEXUS is a new desktop west-coast style synthesizer. "

via Majella Audio

"The IMPLEXUS is a hardware desktop synthesizer combining west – and east-coast syntheses techniques into a single formfactor. The IMPLEXUS uses analog waveshaping, folding and audio rate modulation to create a immense range of sounds and textures! It will be available at KICKSTARTER soon!

In short
The IMPLEXUS is a performance-oriented musical instrument which will inspire you to compose music and explore it’s unique soundscape. The IMPLEXUS has a carefully designed analogue signal path with many unique ways to create intriguing sounds. The many sound shaping methods and modulation possibilities help you to create west-coast style harmonically rich sounds as well as thick east-coast analog sounds.

The IMPLEXUS has a powerful “one-knob-per-function” interface with graphical feedback, utilizing LED rings to indicate modulators. The drone mode, tap tempo and looping envelopes let’s you explore the IMPLEXUS as a standalone sound generator. The MIDI and Eurorack compatibility and clock synchronisation options make sure it can be played in every setting. The IMPLEXUS is build to last. It has metal shaft potentiometers, an aluminium casing with scratch and solvent resistant graphics and an internal power supply (no adapter!). The IMPLEXUS is a characteristic, unique and complete musical instrument.

“West coast”
The characteristic sound of the IMPLEXUS comes from shaping and folding a sinewave, resulting in a complex waveform. The shaping and folding can be modulated at audio-rate in a single knob turn utilizing the second generator. Instead of subtracting you will be adding harmonics. After tweaking for a while you will be surprised to find out you didn’t touch the filter… yet.

Graphical feedback
The IMPLEXUS makes complex synthesis accessible with a performance-oriented “one-knob-per-function” interface. Different knob sizes will guide you to the most unique parts of this synthesizer and the LED’s will indicate modulating signals. You will not only hear what is happening, but you will actually see the effect of a knob tweak!"

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