Friday, August 07, 2020

AE Modular WAVETABLES by Dove Audio #TTNM


"This is a demo video for the AE Modular WAVETABLES modular synth VCO, developed by Paula Maddox of Dove Audio and released by tangible waves.


WAVETABLES offers 7 tables, filled with plenty of high quality synthesizer waveforms to switch and morph between. Table 7 contains human voice fragments for vowel synthesis and other weird sounds. You can fatten the sound with the spread/detune knob and of course control the wave selection with CV. As a first in the AE Modular format, modulation inputs allow CV subtraction, via a bipolar switch circuit!"

Note this module is by Paula Maddox of Dove Audio and Modal Electronics.

"A high-quality diital wavetables oscillator

The WAVETABLES module is a digital oscillator that is based of wavetables, a technique that become popular first with the famous PPG synthesizer. Here, a huge number of digital waveforms can be "scanned", resulting in a morphing between a variety of interesting spectral structures.

The module offers seven different table sets, in each of them an interesting spectral move happens via the WAVE knob. Of course, this can be modulated by an external CV too.

To 'fatten' the sound, the DETUNE/SPREAD knob adds a second oscillator with a variable detune up to one octave.
Pitch and wave modulation have an attenuator knob to set the amount of modulation, plus a switch to choose between unipolar (modulation CV is added to the current value) or bipolar (modulation swings above and below the current value).

The table position of the currently played waveform has a visual representation by an LED that changes it's color in the rainbow spectrum.

WAVETABLES is based on a quite powerful processor, the output is 16-bit audio, resulting in a high-quality sound.

This module was developed by Paula Maddox from DOVE audio; known by the excellent synthesizers MODAL 002, MODAL 008 and we are pround and happy that Paula offered to contribute this excellent work for the AE modular product line.

More information and examples on the AE Modular Wiki.

​​(Price without VAT; for buyers inside the EU 19% VAT will be added to the shown price = 103.53 €)"

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