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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Introducing Friktion Modeled Strings

Reason Studios

"Friktion Modeled Strings is a physical modeling string instrument from Reason Studios that pairs realistic strings with the sound design potential of a synthesizer. Adjust the bow pressure, the sustain articulation and player’s technique – even the size and shape of the instrument itself. Whether it’s an authentic violin or an imaginary space harp, Friktion is highly expressive and simply a joy to play."

Friktion Modeled Strings: Getting Started in the Reason Rack

"Few things can compare to the sound of a real instrument. The vibration of a string, the pressure of a finger and even the wood used for the body all makes it come alive. We built Friktion to capture the all those nuances and put them in your rack, under your fingertips. It adds that special something to any piece of music, but you don't need years of practice to play it.

With its synthesizer workflow, Friktion can sound like the string instruments you love or entirely new ones yet to be invented. All the important aspects of sculpting a realistic string sound are within reach, but the controls go beyond what's possible in the real world. With a few clicks you change the instrument shape and size, or make the strings buzzy and metallic—creating a new instrument that still sounds decidedly real and is expressive to play.

Controlling Friktion is remarkably easy. An octave of control keys changes how the instrument is played in real time. Bowing, plucking, vibrato, tremolo, gliding up and down the strings and even harmonic overtones are just a key press away. Add in the mod wheel for articulation and you'll have an expressive string performance all your own.

- Advanced physical modeling string synthesizer
- Way beyond samples—full control over every aspect of the sound and performance
- Control keys for realistic expression using just a MIDI keyboard
- Comprehensive articulation including bowing, pluck, tremolo, legato, vibrato and much more
- Tweak your sound to perfection, or go beyond what a real instrument could
- Comes with 140+ patches, from classic instruments to brand new sounds

Please note: Friktion Modeled Strings requires Reason 10.1 or later and is not included in Reason 11 Suite."

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