MATRIXSYNTH: LoRrE-MiLL DoUblE KnOt V2, HeRbs aNd StOnEs LiqUid FoAm, RoLanD MC-101 = Who's on my "BoOKShelf" !!

Monday, February 01, 2021

LoRrE-MiLL DoUblE KnOt V2, HeRbs aNd StOnEs LiqUid FoAm, RoLanD MC-101 = Who's on my "BoOKShelf" !!

video by rhampton1914

"Semi-Modular Synth on Bookshelf Jam
Gear used: Lorre-Mill Double Knot V2 - Herbs and Stones Liquid Foam - Roland MC-101- Ornament & Crime Hemisphere Suite - Zoom G1 Four Multi-effects processor."

Lorre-Mill Double Knot V2 Meets O_c, Roland MC-101, Pocket PO-12, NanoSynth NS1 & Bastl Kastle

Found the above via the listing below.

via this auction

"Unique synthesizer / Sequencer. This is an incredible piece of Musical Technology. It's call the Lorre-Mill Double Knot V2. Comes with 7 Banana Cables (good quality ones too), Original Box, Power Adapter, Printed Manual & Unit. Start using right out of the box. If you never owned one of these before, then your in for a Sonic Shock as you Patch & tweak the 2 Sequencers on board.

You may be asking what is this?

Well the Double Knot is a Semi-Modular synthesizer/Sequencer & is a collection of some analog blocks and simple digital logic blocks to construct Electronic sound patterns. The interface is made up of knobs, switches, and banana plugs for patching. Inside the Double Knot synthesizer there are two voices.

Each voice consists of a Triangle/Square wave oscillator, a shift register sequencer, an enveloper and a voltage controlled amplifier. To set the tempo of the shift registers there is a clock. Functional blocks associated with the clock are an XOR gate and a binary counter. One of the aims of this design is to provide the most flexibility while still having some shape to the piece. The envelopers are triggered by the shift registers unless the trigger inputs are used. The triangle outputs of the oscillators are fed to voltage controlled amplifiers. This makes the Double Knot semi-modular. This system can be used to make complex textural sounds and FM Drones, or Techno Drums at Polyrhythmic Intervals.

This is the V2 version which has enhanced and newer features such as newer enveloper design with mode switch to set trigger mode, loop mode or off. wide range cv input can nearly halt envelope mid-decay for sample/hold type output. trigger input in lieu of the fill input from the previous model.

The shift registers on this unit are CD4015 with 4 bit R2R DAC on the first four stages and logic outputs on the last four stages

Also to add to the percussive effect we can shape the envelopers by feeding the outputs back to the CV inputs and then tweaking the knobs to get the shape to a more dramatic slope. ● Lengthen the decay by turning the decay knob counter-clockwise and add positive modulation by turning the CV level knob clockwise. Now you are bouncing.

One amazing Feature on this unit is the FM Modulation. The FM section allows easy modulation of one oscillator to the other or both at the same time. with a knob for FM amount, a CV in jack that allows control of FM index and a toggle switch to set the modulation routing

This is indeed an amazing piece of Technology. I truly enjoyed this and will miss it a lot. I have a few Youtube Videos so feel free to browse my more recent Videos. just go to youtube and type in the search engine rhampton1914 and my latest is there. An open box Video is on this link."

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