MATRIXSYNTH: “Reissues” – Ft. Prophet 10 rev 4 - Arp 2600 FS - MINIMOOG - MS-20 and more – Powered by BlueARP DM

Monday, February 08, 2021

“Reissues” – Ft. Prophet 10 rev 4 - Arp 2600 FS - MINIMOOG - MS-20 and more – Powered by BlueARP DM

video by Marshal Arnold

“Reissues” – Ft. Prophet 10 rev 4 - Arp 2600 FS - MINIMOOG - MS-20 and more – Powered by BlueARP DM

Tonight, I perform some live Trance using a combination analog and digital reissued synths I own. The track is my original work, and features the Sequential Prophet 10 rev 4, Korg ARP 2600 FS, Moog Minimoog Model D and the Korg MS-20 Mini. I am also using a Roland TR8s, a Roland D-05 Boutique and several Roland Cloud drum machines and synths as well.

The cool thing here is that a good chunk of the sequences and patterns are driven by the amazing BlueARP DM MK.1. A hardware Arpeggiator and Pattern Sequencer developed by Oleg Mikheev, AKA Graywolf. I have been fortunate to help Oleg with beta testing the BlueARP DM and have been itching to get it more integrated into my workflow. This was a great opportunity to combine a bunch of wonderful analog and digital reissued synthesizers with this super cool BlueARP hardware.
I have a few backing tracks all played live on the V-Synth (which is multitimbral.. how many of you knew that? Lol) triggered with the Ableton Push and one instance of Omnisphere also adding an almost string like swell.

Below is each synth and what it was doing in this track-

Hardware Synthesizers and Drum Machines:

Korg MS-20 Mini – Main Bassline (Sequenced by BlueARP DM)

Moog Minimoog Model D Reissue – Secondary Bassline (16th note pattern sequenced by BlueARP DM)

Korg ARP 2600 FS – FX (the long sweep at the start of each 2 measures is the 2600, this also is triggered with BlueARP DM)

Prophet 10 Rev 4 – Main Lead (played in real-time by hand, including filter cutoff modulation)

Roland D-05 Boutique – FX (a short dry sweep heard at the start of every 2 measures, triggered in Ableton Live)

Roland V-Synth – Secondary Synth Lead and backing track on second timber. The Lead is played in real-time by hand including filter cutoff modulation, but the backing pattern is triggered on MIDI chnl 3 of the V-Synth sequenced by BlueARP DM.

Roland TR8s – The thicker clap that comes in is from the TR-8s – this is sequenced in Ableton Live

Soft Synths:
Roland Cloud

TR-909 for kick, Crash, clap and High Hats (Sequenced in Ableton Live)

TR-808 for High Hats and snare crescendo (Sequenced in Ableton Live)

Jupiter 8 – FX - A rapid stepped riser you hear at the end of every 2 measures (Sequenced in Ableton Live)

System 8 – another synth lead, heard at the beginning of the change right before the Prophet 10 comes in. (Sequenced with BlueARP DM)

Omnisphere 2.6 – Ambient type sound.. hard to explain, almost like a cello swell or something.

I think that’s all folks lol. Enjoy, thanks for watching!

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