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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Introducing Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer by Softube

video by SoftubeStudios

"The resurrection of a polyphonic icon. Softube Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer is a circuit-modeled emulation of a 1984 six-voice synth featuring the influential sound of the 1980s original. Use it as an instrument, in our official Eurorack platform, Modular, or our pro audio guitar & bass platform, Amp Room. The retro-future is here. ✮"

Priced at $99

Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer Walkthrough – Softube
video by SoftubeStudios

Softube Model 84 Synthesizer Plug-in
video by Matt Johnson Jamiroquai

"Check out Softube's excellent new synth plug-in, a clone of an 80's classic! All rights reserved."

Softube Model 84 Synthesizer - More than just an emulation

video by Alex Ball

"A review of the new software synth "Model 84" by Softube as well as a demo of its use with the sister 'Modular"=' plugin.

0:00​ Intro
0:43​ Quick Test Drive
2:07​ Initial Thoughts
3:06​ Raw Sound Demos
5:22​ Explanation of use of Model 84 modules within Modular
6:38​ Modular Demo
7:55​ Summary and Thoughts
10:17​ Outro Demo"


J3PO - Softube Model 84 - "Delorean Fantasy"

video by J3PO

Softube Model 84 Announcement post here.

"@SoftubeStudios​ has just released their new synth, "Model 84" and I'm really excited about it! In essence, it is a highly detailed recreation of the Juno-106. They had me design some of the factory presets for the synth and in this video, I constructed a song using only the Model 84 synthesizer (except for the drum samples). This synth is super fun and easy to use, and just sounds great right out of the box. I hope you enjoy my Synthwave-y tune "Delorean Fantasy" in this video.

20 J3PO presets (some used in this video) come factory with Model 84. You can purchase an additional 40 J3PO presets for the Model 84 Synthesizer from my website ($10):"

Details via Softube:

"The year is 1984. Splashing down is a majorly righteous polyphonic synthesizer that will go on to outrun its era. Thirty-odd years later, we’re still vibing on the gnarly Synthwave reverberations this paragon can produce. Used on countless records by innumerable artists, it’s a six-voice synth that set a standard and established a sound. Now it’s time to discover what it can do in the DAW.

We applied our award-winning modeling expertise to a fully-serviced and calibrated 1984 unit and the result is a perfect facsimile of the original hardware. Using rock & roll science, we’ve created a plug-in that has all the quirks and non-linearities of the 1980s-era idol. Even the clutch factory presets with easy recall of the '80s sounds heard on copious number-one hits. Added features and flexibility bring the prototype’s influential and unmistakable sound motoring into modern production environs: from our official Eurorack platform, Modular, to our pro audio guitar & bass platform, Amp Room—and beyond.

Introducing the most excellent Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer. The retro-future is here.

The Model: An Authentic Emulation

We poured the same fastidious modeling energy into Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer that goes into every piece of our gear. The result is voice allocation modes and an EQ—with bass boost for extra oomph on basslines—that mirror the iconic hardware. Our meticulous recreation of the unison phase allows you to assign all six voices to one note and to achieve the sounds of the synth that became an industry touchstone. Control: Added Features

Model 84 is about control. Extended unison mode gives authority over sync and enables a more pronounced attack to the start of a note. Velocity and aftertouch support promote enhanced dynamic performance with command over the amp, as well as the filter and PW. And the expanded control panel, with added velocity and aftertouch parameters, makes it easier to fine-tune sound and behavior. Get ‘80s mojo in the digital domain—your way.

The Presets: Original & Contemporary

Get the authentic sound of the Decade of Greed without spending a second fussing with knobs. Model 84 comes packed with both the original presets as well as striking new artist presets. Quickly recall classic sounds, original patches, distorted bass sounds, and the Synthwave heard on so many classic and contemporary albums. Or set it to stun with incredible artist presets that range from retro sounds to modern-day fat- and wide-sounding crispy leads.

Sweet Synthesis: The Modular Modules

The synth sound made classic in the 1980s is now available in Modular. Seven fully integrated modules allow you to easily combine pieces of the Model 84 Polyphonic Synthesizer in a modular workflow. Artistically patch Model 84 modules with other Modular-ready gear like the monophonic legend, Model 72—a feat previously impossible in both digital and analog realms. Model 84 delivers universe-expanding capabilities and mind-blowing creative possibilities to the Modular ecosystem.

Electric Friends: The Amp Room Module

Model 84's Chorus is a totally unique and brand-new module for Amp Room. Previously unavailable on the pro audio guitar and bass platform, you can now create bodacious guitar or bass sounds with the chorus used in the original keyboard synthesizer and as a design inspiration on a famous guitar stompbox from the Decade of Decadence and big hair. Powerfully dirty and fat, Chorus produces a distinct sound that adds mega wattage to your creativity.

Additional details at

Roland Juno-106 inspired soft synth.

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