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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Meet Sassy - the Audio Spreadsheet Synthesizer

Audio Spreadsheet, 1.0 beta trailer video by Jari Komppa

"Sassy beta is available at​"

"Sassy is an audio spreadsheet. Or, as it stands, it's THE audio spreadsheet.

It's a spreadsheet. You can add values to cells, ask it to average a range.

It's a synthesizer. You can ask it to generate a sine wave based on time, and output it through your speakers. Add an ADSR envelope, modulate the frequency based on MIDI input note, put in some filters and hey, it's an actual instrument.

Sassy includes over 100 functions, including some that largely make sense in a spreadsheet way (like finding maximum value out of a range) and others that largely make sense in a synthesizer way (like high pass filter, various waveform generators, delays etc) as well as a whole lot that make sense in both (like trigonometry).

Want to control something with a slider? Just add slider() to your formula, and a slider pops up. Same goes for buttons, toggles, graphs, fft:s.

Want to control something with your midi keyboard? Just add calls to midipot, midinote, midinoteon, midival.

Want to control your midi synth with Sassy? Just add midiout, midioutpot, midioutpitch..

Want to take audio in and modify it with Sassy in real time? Just call add in().

Sassy is currently in beta, and further progress depends on feedback. Join on in and come talk with other beta testers [on discord]

1.2 Beta hilights:
- Scope
- Virtual keyboard
- Plotxy, sample+hold+interpolate

1.1 Beta hilights:
- Significantly faster JIT engine
- UI scaling
- Polyphonic midi input
See changelog.txt for details."

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