MATRIXSYNTH: Erica Synths Introduces BLACK RING XFADE Eurorack Module

Friday, May 14, 2021

Erica Synths Introduces BLACK RING XFADE Eurorack Module

video by Monotrail Tech Talk

"Today we go in-depth with the brand new Erica Synths Black Ring-Fade, a eurorack module with two ring modulators, build in crossfader, and VCA. Both the ring modulators as well as the crossfader can be used as independent modules, but the internal routing makes it very suitable for advanced creative sound shaping.

In the video we start with an overview of the Black Ring-Fade, and then we dive into a series of patches in three sections. We look at ring modulation patches, crossfader patches, and finally a few patches utilizing all sections of the Ring-Fade.

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Black Ring-Fade
03:29 – Ring modulation
07:41 – Crossfading
09:23 – Combined patches"

The Erica Synths Black Ring-Xfade is an extremely versatile module for sound shaping. It consists of two unconventional ringmodulators/waveshapers, a crossfader that works both for audio and CV and a VCA. Unlike conventional ringmodulator that works only with a signal present on both signal and carrier inputs, the Black Ring-Xfade passes through the signal without alteration, if no carrier is present, but low level signals on the carrier input result in unique waveshaping. Add the crossfader between two ringmodulators (or for an external signals) topped up with the VCA, and you have an amplitude modulation powerplant for your modular system.

Dual ringmodulaotr/waveshaper
Carrier level adjustment
Voltage controlled crossfader
Manual and CV control over crossfade
Selectable AC (audio) or DC (control voltage) coupling
VCA with selectable bias

RRP: 150 EUR (VAT excl.)

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