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Thursday, July 01, 2021

BLEASS Introduces Granulizer - granular texture effect plugin

video upload by BLEASS

BLEASS Granulizer | How to merge 4 instruments into a unique granular texture (Desktop)
video upload by BLEASS

"BLEASS Granulizer is an effect that fragments its input signal into a multitude of grains, each grain having its own randomized properties. It results in complex and irregular textures adding to the original sound a living and organic feeling. Thanks to multi-input, we offer the possibility to extract grains from up to 4 different sources, each grain being randomly extracted from one of the sources. This approach multiplies the complexity and richness of the resulting texture.

The Input Stage allows you to choose between a low-shelf or high-pass filter (to filter out the bass frequencies from input) as well as a gain adjustement.

BLEASS Granulizer takes up to 4 sources from different busses as inputs (compatible DAW required). When multiple busses are on, each grain is randomly extracted from one of the available sources.

The Granulizer generates short samples (‘grains’) from different input signals by modulating different parameters which you can visualize thanks to the 3D Visualizer.

Pan (represented by width in the visualizer)
Size ( = grain’s duration)
Density ( = frequency of grains generation)
Offset ( = the amount of time between record and play represented by the depth in the 3D visualizer)
Backward/Forward Playback Direction
Shape ( = grain’s envelope, represented by the height dimension in the visualizer)
Warmth ( = strength of the distortion applied to the grain)
Tune ( = grains can be pitched up or down according to different modes: “Fine” / Chromatic / Major / Minor / 5th / Major 7th. / Minor 7th / Octave and other tuning modes such as dim / Dom / Maj 7th Chords)
The amount of randomization can be set with the “dice” knobs.
Density, grain size and offset range can be freely synced or beat synced to the host’s tempo."


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