Thursday, July 08, 2021

CES Ed-Lab 70M

via this auction

"This digital training device is loaded with banana jacks and logic functions. It has several AND gates, NAND gates, OR gates, and one NOR gate, plus five flip flops and five inverters. Plus a Full Adder, a Shift Register, a BCD to 7, and an edge card breakout section. Also has several toggle switches and one SPDT pushbutton switch, some LEDs to indicate signals, not to mention several rows of multiples, ground connections, and +V jacks.

It was made by CES Computers of Plainview, New York and intended for schools and colleges to help people learn about logic circuits. It seems to have outputs at +5 volts, and might interface with synth modules using banana jacks and similar voltages (Serge, BugBrand, CGS, Loudest Warning, etc.) but it’s the buyer’s responsibility to make sure it works and doesn’t damage anything.

As far as I can tell it works, but I have not completely tested everything. Also, be aware that the banana jacks are of the older variety and will need a very good cleaning to provide solid connections — as it is they are rather iffy. One of the green banana jacks is chipped but still works. The front panel has some scratches near the lower left and right areas, and a few other places too. On the back is a flip out stand to raise it up a few inches.

Dimensions: 23.5 x 14.5 x 4 inches, not including latches and rear feet. (Looks like there was once a lid for this, but I don’t have it.)"

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