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Monday, August 09, 2021

Korg Collection 3 | Prophecy VST | Categorized Preview

video upload by Simon Le Grec

"KORG Collection 3 introduces three new software recreations to the world: KORG's first mass-produced analog synthesizer, the miniKORG 700S, the MOSS Tone Generator-powered Prophecy, and the Triton Extreme, the vacuum tube-equipped high point of the Triton series. KORG Collection 3 has now expanded to be a thrilling collection of iconic sounds from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s.

* Equipped with Oscillator Models from the MOSS Synthesis Engine.
* Two Signal Routing Paths Offer Incredible Variety.
* Sound Programs that Cover a Wide Range of Styles.
* GUI with a Focus on the Ease of Use Unique to Software.
* A free demo version is also available.

Physical Modeling
The physical modeling oscillator includes the three types below. All types feature the wide tonal range that is unique to physical modeling.

Brass Model Oscillator
This oscillator simulates brass instruments such as trumpets and trombones. It uses controllers like key velocity and mod wheel to modulate the strength of blowing into the mouthpiece, and can create performances that are similar to real brass instruments.

Reed Model Oscillator
This oscillator simulates woodwind instruments like saxophones and flutes. It uses controllers like key velocity and mod wheel to modulate the wind pressure, and can create performances that are similar to real woodwind instruments.

Plucked String Oscillator
This oscillator simulates plucked string instruments like guitar and bass. It can model different methods of picking the string, like using a pick or fingers, as well as modelling the condition of the strings, and the positions of strings that are played.

There are 128 preset programs, broken up into 14 categories. There is also a category for user programs, a favorites bank for registering your most used sounds, and program change mapping. The two optional expansion cards sold for the original hardware are also available: ANALOG & VINTAGE, which features 64 analog-style bass, lead, and special effect sounds, and MODERN MODELS, which contains 64 programs of acoustic instruments that do not exist, wind instrument sounds, and sounds that take full advantage of the expressive capabilities of the synth.

00:00 Hard Synth Lead
01:53 Soft Synth Lead
03:04 Synth Bass
04:17 Real String Bass
04:56 Guitar/Plucked
06:04 Brass
06:50 Reed
07:26 Wind
07:56 Bell
08:32 Keys
08:50 Perc
09:25 Motion
10:04 SFX
10:28 ARP"

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