MATRIXSYNTH: miniKORG 700S VST | HQ Presets Preview | Update 1.0.1

Monday, August 09, 2021

miniKORG 700S VST | HQ Presets Preview | Update 1.0.1

video upload by Simon Le Grec

"KORG Collection 3 introduces three new software recreations to the world: KORG's first mass-produced analog synthesizer, the miniKORG 700S, the MOSS Tone Generator-powered Prophecy, and the Triton Extreme, the vacuum tube-equipped high point of the Triton series. KORG Collection 3 has now expanded to be a thrilling collection of iconic sounds from the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s.

The original miniKORG 700S was a 2VCO, 2VCF, 1EG, 1LFO monophonic synthesizer. Because synthesizers were not as common as they are today, its circuitry was unique. For example, when developing the triangle wave oscillator, the engineers aimed to create a circuit that produced a beautifully musical sound rather than a scientifically accurate one.
In addition to the oscillator circuit, the low and high pass filters were combined into a single, unique part called the Traveler Controller, which was a distinctive feature of KORG’s early synthesizers.
Instead of a more traditional ADSR style envelope, the miniKORG700s allows the user to control the shape of the sound with two sliders; one that controls attack time and decay time, and one that controls sustain level and release time. These quirks and more have all been faithfully reproduced in the software version.

The miniKORG 700S for Mac and Windows not only faithfully recreates the functionality and sounds of the original miniKORG 700S’s various parameters, but also includes many additional capabilities that bring the synthesizer into the modern era, and make it suitable for any music production environment.

There are more than 150 preset programs included with the miniKORG700s, split into 13 different categories like leads and basses. Ranging from sounds overflowing with vintage flavor to complex timbres you wouldn’t think could be created with such a simple interface, there is a huge variety of sounds available to choose from. Of course, you can add your own sounds to the library as well.

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the miniKORG 700S for Mac and Windows has realistically recreated the appearance of the original miniKORG 700S in both 2D and 3D. You can freely switch between the two, opting for the experience of using a hardware synthesizer or the convenience of a software synthesizer. There are also three screen sizes you can easily switch between to fit your environment without affecting the image quality for both the standalone and plugin versions.
In addition to the GUI, the various plugin parameters can also be controlled using MIDI CC, allowing you flexible, real-time control via a MIDI controller or Digital Audio Workstation

00:00 Lead
02:33 Bass
06:00 Synth Hard
08:00 Synth Soft
09:38 Motion
10:46 Pad/Strings
14:19 Bell
14:48 Seq
19:47 Chord
20:39 Pluck
22:14 Brass
22:55 Complex
23:14 Drum"

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