Thursday, September 30, 2021

Wing Drum

Wing Drum - internal sounds video upload by Gecho Loopsynth

"In the Wing Drum you can find a few sounds of real and also synthesized instruments. Most of them are stored as samples, but that is not the only sound engine implemented. The last timbre in this video is generated from a wave-table.

Two buttons on top select between metallic (represented by robot icon) and wooden timbre (tree icon). What you can hear in this demo are only the first experimental sounds, more will be added. The idea is to have 4 or 5 of each kind of timbres."

Wing Drum - MIDI controller functionality

"All sounds in this video come from Korg Volca FM or Modal CRAFTsynth.

The Wing Drum can act as a MIDI controller too (that's what the middle connector is for). It sends out the stream of data at all times, including velocity information and, thanks to motion sensor, it emulates two controllers: pitch bend (by tilting left and right), and continuous controller (by tilting back and forth). This is how it can be used to control some other small (or large) synthesizer, anything that has a native MIDI input.

Of course you could play the same notes on these synths, but Wing Drum may be handier and easier to use, since it presents 9 notes of your desired scale in a very accessible way."

via phonicbloom


Easily switching between modes you can play sounds of a handpan, steel tongue drum, xylophone or glockenspiel with up to 6 voices polyphony. Touch pads in the wings consist of a few segments and they are sensitive to how much of the wing area your finger covers. This allows you to play softer or louder sounds dynamically.

Or you can connect its MIDI output to another synth and use it as a controller, expanding the range of sounds without limits. The built‑in accelerometer acts as pitch bend / continuous controller depending on the axis of rotation. Velocity information is transmitted too.

The Wing Drum can be played by anyone at home, outdoors, in the studio, therapist's office, classroom, meditation session or at the live performance.

The round shell is about 15cm / 6" wide and 5cm / 2" tall. It is made from solid wood sealed with natural oils to protect and show the natural beauty of the wood. The top panel is made from fiberglass laminated with matte black polymer or white enamel with gold plated metal elements. It is controlled using 5 buttons made from soft silicone."

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