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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

New Erica Synths K-Phaser Krautrock Eurorack Module

video upload by Erica Synths

"The Erica Synths Black K-Phaser is our take on a classical, genre defining FX unit – the Krautrock Phaser.

00:02 - Square Wave through Phaser
02:17 - FM radio through Phaser
02:30 - Pico Drums to Pico EF through Phaser with Phase being modulated with the extracted envelope
06:30 - Saw wave through Phaser. FM of the VCO and LFO speed of the phaser is being modulatred wiht S&H from Octasource
04:40 - Breakbeat through Phaser
07:01 - Breakbeat 2 through Phaser. S&HJ is modulating the slice selection and phase offset
06:36 - Guitar through Phaser
06:04 - Cymbals through Phaser
06:40 - Black VCO to Black LPG and then to Phaser and then to DSP 2"

"The Erica Synths Black K-Phaser is our take on a classical, genre defining FX unit – the Krautrock Phaser.

It retains the original concept of 8 all-pass filters with photoresistors, but we redesigned the filters and modulation circuit and added several unique features. A dip switch allows for selecting the number of filter stages involved in the resonance path, while the resonance attenuverter brings in never-heard-before feedback artefacts, and most importantly – the SPREAD mode detunes the all-pass filters for even more distinct behaviour. A built-in voltage controlled LFO with selectable waveforms expands the modulation possibilities of the phaser and can be used as an independent modulation source for your modular system as well.

The Black K-Phaser is our tribute to the German electronic music pioneers that largely shaped the sound of electronic music worldwide.


8 all-pass filters with photo-resistor control
Classic and Spread (filter detune) mode
Resonance attenuverter
Selectable resonance path
Built in VC LFO with a dedicated output
Wet output
RRP: 190 EUR (VAT excl.)
MAP: 229 USD"

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