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Saturday, December 09, 2023

OP-X PRO-3 released ! Semi-modular dream synth | Trailer | Tutorial

video upload by SonicProjects

00:00:00 Intro Trailer
00:02:12 Change Interface Size
00:02:20 Playing Factory Presets
00:29:20 Famous 80s Presets
00:34:10 Create Presets
00:39:00 Mark Favourites
00:40:38 Search Function
00:41:40 Modulation Matrix
00:46:34 Unison Note Priority
00:46:58 Modulation Effects
00:48:52 Voice Boards
00:50:17 Multimode Filter
00:57:55 Wheel Modes
01:01:21 Arpeggiator / MIDI Processor
01:06:06 Outro

SonicProjects OP-X PRO-3 released! 12-voice semi-modular monster synth which fullfills virtually all requests and wishes from users collected over the recent years. The synth offers:

- A new logically re-structured interface collecting related features in clear function groups
- No more hidden features
- A new hybrid patch-browser both emulating the former banks and offering extended features
- The extended features include a search function, favourites and categories
- 5 envelopes (4 polyphonic, 1 mono)
- 4 LFOs (4 global, 1 per-voice)
- 10 filter types (7 lopass modes, hipass, bandpass, notch)
- Dual filter design offering seamless morphing for filter mix and filter modes
- 2 oscillators offering Sawtooth, Pulse, Sine and Triangle
- 3-oscillators (moog-like) and sub-oscillator implicable by preset chords
- Hard sync, cross-modulation (x-mod) and ring moduation
- Yamaha-type sine-fm for bellish sounds
- An extremely sophisticated Modulation-Matrix offering 5 slots (3 poly, 2 mono)
- The modulation sources even include the voice-board trimpots
- Separate up/down controls for Pitchbend and separate control for Modwheel
- Pitch- and Modwheel can be detached completely and freely assigned in the Matrix
- Octave switcher extended with a two-octaves-down button
- Added modulation effects (Chorus, Double Chorus, Flanger, Chorus-Flanger, Phaser, Ensemble)
- Unosono priority switchable between last, lowest and highest note
- Arpeggiator/MIDI-Processor featuring 32 function modes
- Switchable-off pedal-hold function for arpeggiator (apply hold hands-free by pedal)
- The modes include normal arpeggio, preset chords, chord hold, note-doubling and an 8-step-sequencer
- The normal arpeggio modes offer pitch-order, input-order (JP-8) and radomized order (JP-8)
- A new digital-display always shows the currect arpeggiator mode as well as the knob mappings
- A dedicated hard-wired control for pulse-with-modulation key-tracking
- Smoothed aftertouch-input for stepping-free aftertouch using low-resolution aftertouch
- A board-view showing the inner workings of the synth offering some extra-controls
- The extra controls include further voice-board trimpots and voice-reset on song start or manual
- MIDI learn now offering mapping of one source to several destinations
- CC imput can be processed relative or fetched for value-jump-free operation
- In-plugin GUI-size switcher offering two reality-proven sizes
- 300 new sounds showing off the incredible new features
- 3'000 first-class sounds in total included with an estimated value of $600
- A dedicated section offering an alpabetically sorted library of 475 famous 80s patches

Complete list of changes:

The new boards-view mainly serves to better understand the inner workings of the synth which was basically the same in all its precedessors since 2006 and exactly copies how real voltage controlled polysynths of the late 70s 80s worked.

OP-X PRO-3 is directly compatible to all former OP-X PRO-II patches (can directly load .opxpreset files - the best put them to the "G_USER_EE_1" folder) and can import own custom .opxbank banks if needed.

The included library however already contains ALL existing OP-X PRO-II banks and sounds ever released. So you don't need to import these.

It's even partly downward compatible. So a patch saved with OP-X PRO-3 can be opened with OP-X PRO-II, with the limitation that it only can set the parameters it has.

Minimum system:
Mac: macOS 10.15 High Sierra, native M1 silicon compatible
Windows: Windows 10 64bit, Windows 11 supported

Demo version:

The synth comes in 4 sub-versions:

Maximum CPU version with improved audio quaility

Half-CPU version which has the identical sound as OP-X PRO-II

Lowest CPU version which consumes even less CPU but therefore lacks features.

Identical to the max CPU version (so OP-X PRO-3) but with different name and plugin ID and separated library.
Allows for parallel installation to one of the lower CPU versions to still have all options available.

OP-X PRO-3 can be installed in parallel to OP-X PRO-II.
The two are completely independent from each other and so can be used alongside.

A license contains all these four sub-versions.
A non-upgrade license includes the former classic OP-X PRO-II

Oberheim VST AU
Oberheim OB-X VST AU
Roland Jupiter-8 VST AU
Famous 80s VST AU

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