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Friday, June 07, 2024

New FuncBud Generative MIDI Sequencer for iOS or Apple Silicon

via the developer Cem Olcay:

"I’ve released my new generative sequencer app today - FuncBud. It’s a unique and fun sequencer that uses simple math functions to generate patterns. You can create your own math functions with the function builder. It’s really fun to explore the possibilities, especially if you are interested in math."

Additional details via & the AppStore follow.

Make music with math!

Welcome to FuncBud, the generative sequencer that uses simple math functions to create patterns.

Create, chain, and repeat simple math functions to create complex sequences.

A simple x + 1 function would sequence all the notes in the scale in order.

But it gets more interesting when you use different formulas and chain them.

Build your math functions

The function builder lets you create functions using simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations, as well as square, square root, sum, and product operations.

You can also use parentheses to prioritize the calculation order.

The newly created function will be saved and accessible in the library across both the standalone app and AUv3 instances.

Function results are saved to the history. Sum and product operations utilize the history to perform calculations on up to 64 values.

∑3 would sum up the last 3 results, ∏3 would take product of the last 3 results.

Define your limits

FuncBud's sequencer generates the notes in the working key and scale, within the defined minimum and maximum octaves.

Min/max octave, key, scale and the root note can be defined on the top of the UI.

The sequencer rate, gate length, gate variety, velocity, velocity variety, and swing parameters can be defined using the slider at the bottom of the UI.

The loop detector can be enabled in the settings menu if you get stuck in a loop due to the nature of the math and want to break it.

Functions can be muted by swiping them to the left, and deleted by swiping them to the right.

Take advantage of the AUv3 Plugin

FuncBud app operates both as a standalone application and as an AUv3 MIDI Plugin.

You can create AU presets and use AU parameters of the AUv3 plugin.

You can control the patterns and all other parameters with AU parameters.

You can also change the parameters or change the patterns with PatternBud."

FuncBud is available in the AppStore here.

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