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Monday, October 30, 2017

SH101 Business

"This is my homage to the SH101 synth.

Each track is based around a specific VCO Range as per the track title.

released December 16, 2014

mastered by Sense"

Early Robin Whittle modded TR808 on drums.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cyclone Analogic Bass Bot TT-303 Hardware TB-303 Clone Released

Update 11/28: Update on the price:

UK: £449.00 + VAT
EU: €549.00 + VAT
US: $699.99 + VAT

Update: additional pics & PDF via Lorne/kidtronic via Rhythm Active.

Remember the Bass Bot TT-303 demo videos posted here back on October 18?   Well, it is currently available as of today, and it is the first product from a new company named Cyclone Analogic based in Hong Kong (possible sites not yet live: |  You will find full details on the TT-303 further below.

Before we get to that, Robin Whittle, who brought us the Devilfish Mods for the original TB-303, will be performing them for the TT-303 as well. You can find details on his page here.

Lorne aka kidtronic wrote in to let us know Rhythm Active in Australia, one of our sponsors, currently has the TT-303 available. I also hear Syntaur in the US has them for $649.95 $699.95 plus $14.95 shipping to the lower 48.  Syntaur adds the following details: "There is a nicely-done printed manual - on real paper, with ink! Just like back in the analog days of yore... Also a power adapter, and a MIDI break-out cable. (The TT-303 has a single 8-pin MIDI jack. A standard 5-pin cable can be used for MIDI In only, and the break-out cable - 8-pin jack to two 5-pin cables - can be used for MIDI In and Out.)" Update 11/28: Modular Square in France (one of our sponsors) will have them in stock soon (via Twitter).

The following details are via Superior Sound London, who currently shows them as being sold out in the UK:

"The Bass Bot TT 303 electronic bass synth features a selectable monophonic analog VCO processed through a 4 pole analog cascading filter. It uses 21st-century transistor technology to synthesize tones from super-crisp self-resonating leads to squelchy rhythms and deep subharmonic bass grooves.

Creating music as simple or complex as you want with the Bass Bot is a breeze. Its ground-breaking InstaDJ OS is an artificially intelligent sequencer and can be programmed in two methods: by a human user or by the computer-controlled Bass Bot.

Humans may program musical patterns manually using traditional step entry with control over pitch, time, length and special characteristics such as octave transpose, accent and slide for each note.

Alternatively let the Bot generate a pattern and use it immediately, tweak it to taste, or mutate it into a new pattern altogether at the touch of a button. The Bass Bot TT 303 includes seven different ‘personalities’ each of which generates its own special style of musical patterns. No two Bots will produce the same patterns. Each is as individual as the user, though the basic personalities are the same for every Bass Bot.

The Bass Bot TT 303 features seven unique preset personality programs, capable to generate up to 224 computer generated presets by the Bass Bot ™.

An additional 224 Editable Patterns can compose up to 7 songs of up to 127 bars. All information is saved to onboard flash (permanent) memory and transferable directly to other Bass Bots via 8 Pin DIN cable (cloning) or to PC / MAC (backup) for storage with a downloadable transfer application available on our website. Other platforms to be supported soon.

• Monophonic selectable (saw, square) VCO with 24db 4 pole analogue filter.
• User or Bot generated programmable patterns with InstaDJ ™ sequencer.
• MIDI IN by default / MIDI IN and OUT (with provided splitter cable).
• 13 Colour LED display with user definable console and individual pattern labelling.
• Auto Tune and VCO calibration on demand.
• Arpeggiator.
• Generate new patterns using one of seven unique personality algorithms.
• Mutate Patterns to create infinitely complex pattern structure and variation.
• Live Pitch Transpose (+/- 1/2 step pitch), Live Accent (velocity) & Live Slide (portamento).
• Pattern Rotation (left or right) one step in time.
• Complex file manipulation of pattern banks using Copy & Paste.
• Merge up to 8 patterns to one pattern (maximum 64 steps).
• Portable with battery or ac power options at only 730 g (1.6 lbs).

Warranty: One (1) year warranty from purchase. Online registration required.
Included: Operation Manual / 100-240v adapter 9 volts, 300ma / 8 PIN splitter cable to 5 PIN MIDI IN and 5 PIN MIDI OUT.

Selectable Waveform Switch (saw or pulse)
VCO Tune
Cutoff Frequency
Envelope Modulation
Tempo, Track/Preset and Mode Switch, Power/Volume
Instrument Mix-In Jack to mix audio source with output
MIDI IN (MIDI OUT with included 8 PIN DIN cable)
CV / GATE OUT Jacks (1 volt / octave)
Stereo Headphone Jack
Mono Output Jack
Power In Jack
Physical Attributes:
Power: 100-240v adapter (included) 9v or 6v use with 4 x "C" UM-2 batteries (not included). / Case Material: Plastic ABS.
Weight: 730g / Dimensions: 300(W) x 146(D) x 55(H)mm"

You can find a slightly different write-up doc and the PDF Brochure captured above as images here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


TR-606-cymbal-hi-hat-mods by Robin Whittle
"Long and detailed demonstration of the External Audio Input to the TR-606 Cymbal and HiHat circuits. The wilder stuff is towards the end. SoundCloud's compression limits the high frequency detail and dynamics. At the TR-606 modification web-page: [click for additional demos] I have provided a 44.1kHz stereo WAV file which has no such limitations."

via Dylan Davis on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge

Monday, March 29, 2010

STG Soundlabs-Analord Acid Jam - 303/606

STG Soundlabs-Analord Acid Jam - 303/606 from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

"Little acid jam using the stg soundlabs graphic sequencer and time buffer modules. Master clock by the TR-606 into the Time buffer, then out to the 303. Cwejman VM-1, and harvestman Piston Honda doing added bassline and harmony.

STG modules link here:

Custom modifications to the 606 by Robert @ Alien Devices.

Devilfish Modifications to the 303 by Robin Whittle, Real World Interfaces"

Sunday, March 08, 2009


via this auction
auction details - not this is not mine.
"TB-303 DevilFish circuit bent by Robin Whittle. However, there is a problem on the tempo oscillator. Every functions/knobs/buttons/sequnecer are working fine, but the tempo oscillator is not functional after "power on" for 2 mins. Eevrything works fine at the beinging and the tempo speed start to drop slowly. It works really well and nothing goes wrong if I use my SH-101 CV/Gate to slave the TB-303, everything is working. Also I am able to sequnce too, so I am sure there is nothing wrong with the sequncer. I have wrote to Robin Whittle about this matter, he said most likely there is something wrong with the Tempo OSC. That's why you need to get it fix if you want to use the TB-303 internal sequncer. (You can use any music gear with CV Midi convertor to slave it if you don't want to fix the tempo oscilator) Just give you a rough idea how you fix it. I would like to fix it myself but the circuit bent is too complicate in there, I am not able to remove the mainboard and take a good look at the front side of the PCB. I think this is a little problem which can be easily fix by changing the capacitor C7 and C9. However, I can not gurantee anything. Sold as is. You can change the C7 and C9 if you can locate the exact soldering point without removing the mainboard."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Roland TB-303 Modded with Green LEDs

images via this auction
"The extras/mods are:
- 32 Banks of Memory (never run out of space for your acid lines!)
- Lithium Battery (No need for batteries to hold the memory. Should last 10yrs. Can still operate on batteries for portable use)
- Bright Green LEDS (my pics are a little yellow... but these LEDs are truly green. Awesome eerie color...)
- NEW tact switches with dust guard
- NEW top pots for synth control... and NEW Volume pot
- Adjustments:
- better CV & tuning
- mod for lower battery voltage use
- top 6 knobs are raised slightly for easier use, and less chance for paint rubbing off
- Larger values on C20 and C21 for better Bass response --- sounds great!

Absolutely a great acid synth... with no worry for loosing your programmed bass lines...
Small rubber feet on bottom can be removed, if desired... but they protect the 303 nicely.

Auction includes:
- TB-303 modded by the 303 man himself, Robin Whittle.
- Boss/Roland ACA 120 adapter (USA use)"

via Soho Six

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Roland TR-808 Modded by Robin Whittle

images via this auction, via Gustavo.
"Robin Whittle modifications / extra features :
1. In addition to the original memory, two banks of 10 memory units
(ie. 20 times the original memory).
2. 4 levels of volume accent (rather than the original 2) each one with volume control giving you much more dynamic feel. There are LED's that flash during playback to indicate what accents apply to each beat.
3. Individual tone control for both the toms and the hand clap. This means you can vary the toms from being a dull thump to a sharp crackle.
4. Three phono jack sound inputs to replace the sound generators for the toms, white noise and the cymbals. The drum settings for these channels act as a gate for the input sound so for instance, you could feed in another sound such as a sound effect, musical chord or voices and program the 808 instrument to gate that incoming sound. There is some post filtering so the input sound takes on some of the drum's original character.
5. 3 x trim pots for adjusting the pitch of toms, white noise and cymbals.
6. Multipin input for a touch sensitive drum pad set to drive the 808's sounds manually. (pads not included).
6. Individual damper switches for the three toms - left = short, right = long.
7. Soft reset button - resets the computer without the need to power the whole machine down.
8. Two more toggle switches that I can't remember the function for.
Though there was no instruction manual for the Robin Whittle mods, I have prepared some illustrated notes to help you get the most out of this 808.

It is otherwise as manufactured, and has not been MIDI retrofitted. If you wanted this feature, I believe it can be done reasonably easily and I found this URL for an 808 MIDI retrofit that looks very well priced ... and also another one in England."

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yamaha CS40M with Mods

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

"skilled engineer/ geek/ synth nerd (the one and only Robin Whittle of TB-303 "Devilfish" mods fame) got his hands on it, and modded/ retrofitted it out so that:
There are an additional 2 banks of sound/ memory locations, accessible via the front panel using 2 small switches. These have already been programmed with some crazy-ass synth bass/acid/pad sound. Gorgeous. There is also some type of filter mod (apparently Moog Rogue replacement of at least the LPF but I haven't been able to verify this, so you best just judge by sound examples...there's an 'unknown' 1/4 inch jack inserted in the back housing also, which may be for some type of external input/ output."


Mirrored here

via Loscha.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Stylophone Demonstrations via Loscha

This one via Loscha

"I was cleaning up yesterday, I found my Stylophone 7" demonstration record. Recorded it as 96k mp3s and slapped it up on a very very basic page. A friend has a stylophone for me, but, I haven't gotten it from him yet. When I do, I'll attempt to make a schematic - because I haven't seen one online.

Jaycar Electronics - an Australian electronics company has a Stylophone-like kit you can built - as does Dick Smith Electronics. None of them are as good as the Dr Bohm Hobbytron. The Dr Bohm isn't the same as a real stylophone, though. A real stylophone has a BJT based oscillator, where as the Dr Bohm (and the Jaycar and DSE kits) are all 555 based.

Rolf Harris was quite famous in Australia, and more so, I think, in the UK. He was from Bassendean - a pretty dreary suburb in Perth (where the sadly defunct Casio featuring band Turnstyle were from). He had a kids TV Show in the 70s. He recently painted the most up to date official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

An inside picture of one here.

My LP recording is here.

The "Vibrato" on a Stylophone actually lengthens one side of the rectangle wave, not both sides, so, it is Vibrato, but, it is also Pulse Width Modulation. My friend Robin Whittle found this out when he hooked his stylophone up to his oscilloscope.


Image via Nick Law via Flickr, via Creative Commons.

Friday, March 03, 2006

International TB-303 Day!

Well, sort of. Fiercefish posted that today is International TB-303 day. I asked if this was real, and he replied sort of. Robin Whittle declared International TB-303 day on March 3, 2003, 3/03, get it? The crazy thing is I remember this! I searched the archives and found the post on AH. Title link takes you there. Below is a shot of an AcidLab sent my way via Fiercefish and a demo. Thanks for reminding us Fiercefish!

TB-303 AcidLab via Fiercefish

Fiercefish AcidLab Demo

"As mentioned earlier, here is a demo of my acidlab modded TB-303, for this demo I just concentrated on the FM, decay, and overdrive mods. It is a 2 bar pattern running with a 606 as a timekeeper, no eq was used just the 606 into the mix in on the 303 recorded in mono into audacity on my mac, I added a bit of reverb to the whole mix and did a small amount of audio editing to add a little interest.

I wanted to keep the sound fairly "acid" for this demo so the tweaking is limited to a slight extension of what a standard 303 can do, the acidlab can do some seriously crazy stuff especially with the controls at the extremes and I have recorded about 1 hours worth of other settings but need to edit them down to smaller snippets, they will be just the 303 on its own (no 606) and with no fx or eq, I should post them sometime in the next week.

Enjoy (or not!)

Happy 303 day!


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