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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

RS060 Dr Böhm Dynamic 12/24 (Orla DSE): German EFF EHM

video upload by rejected synths

"Talking synths from Germany, quite a few companies come to mind: Waldorf, Doepfer or Vermona are popular ones still around and there are a lot more, some of them long gone like pioneering PPG. One company that hardly ever makes the list is Dr Böhm Organ. This might be down to the fact that Böhm weren’t exactly a company focused on synths at all but rather one that offered DIY kits for people to build themselves electronic organs.

Strictly speaking these organs were ‘synths’ too and when the 80s arrived, Böhm, just like companies like Sequential, Roland or Yamaha, started to utilize digital control and later digital synthesis in their ‘synths’ too, albeit utilizing interfaces more akin to traditional organs.

One other similarity to ‘real’ synth companies was that they also started to offer expander modules, that could be controlled by midi, expanding the variety of sounds while at the same time saving on space (no keyboard) and costs.

This is where today’s synth comes from. The Dynamic 12/24 was meant as an affordable way for Böhm’s customers of home owners and entertainers to expand their setup with some more organ but also other sounds like strings, e-pianos and some 80s-ish synth staples.

The technology used was taken from one of it’s electronic organs and while clearly trying to hide it (even going as far as filing the markings off the ICs) it was Yamaha FM Chips doing Yamaha sounding 4OP FM. The good thing is of course, that this is actually a great basis for a very wide range of sounds, especially as Böhm was kind enough to add user memory to enable creation and saving of your own patches. Also, editing can be done via midi and there are editors available too. What makes the 12/24 stand out from the crowd of 4 OP modules most though is the unique Böhm analog bucket brigade delay style ensemble effect, that ‘warms’ the FM sound.

Last but not least, the Dynamic 12/24s seem to be widely available and dirt cheap too, at least here in and around Germany. So grab one before they become cool, or anyone finds out they are actually the same as the Orla DSE, a synth that has been used by a guy that goes by the name of Richard David James…"

Friday, September 22, 2023

#onedrumcomputeraday Drum Synth Videos

video uploads by #onedrumcomputeraday

1. toyo gakki ult sound ds-2
quirky little 70's drum synth made in japan
2. pollard syndrum twin
the pollard syndrum was one of the first commercially available electronic drums. this is the syndrum twin, sometimes called the twindrum - a beautiful drum synthesizer (brain) from 1976 which was part of an electronic drum kit. joe pollard was a session drummer working for the beach boys and other bands.
3. honky tonk music klone kit
sound demo of the quirky klone kit control module. made in the uk 1983 it was a cheap 5 voice alternative to other popular but expensive e-drum solutions of that time. all channels are identical except the snare channel which offers noise. the sound is very limited - followed up by the more flexible klone kit 2. since there's no demo of version 1 I decided to shoot a quick video with proper audio. retail was 299 ukp.
4. elka drumstar 64 (no talking hq audio)
quick demo of all preset patterns from this funky little Italian 80s drum machine.
5. electro harmonix rhythm 12
a short video about the lovely little electro harmonix rhythm 12 vintage analog drum machine from 1976. made in the uk by soundtech and licensed to electro harmonix.
6. rsf sd140 sampling drum machine
I finally managed to shoot a quick video on this super rare french sampling drum machine from 1986 - one of my absolute favorite drum machine of all times :)
7. böhm digital drums m. "digi-rocky" drummachine (no talking hq audio)
audio demo (hq) of all preset patterns (+fills) on this tiny forgotten digital 80s böhm drumbox.
8. electro harmonix drm16 drummachine (no talking hq audio)
short (hq) audio demo of this funky little drumbox from the late 70's
9. soundmaster sd-3 "disco beat" drummachine (no talking hq audio)
quick audio demo of this funky little japanese "stomp box" style disco drum machine from the late 70s.
10. pearl dr-x1
from time to time i have to sell something to make a little room for new stuff ;) so I decided to let this beautiful pearl dr-x 1 go and had to do a quick video before it left my dungeon - I hope you like it, had fun to re-listen and doing a few samples - best, steve
11. lel psr and radel electronic tabla
#onedrumcomputeraday is having a look at the worst digital drum machine ever (?) the russian lel psr in a double feature with the odd indian radel electronic tabla - also featured in a little deconstruction of the arctic sunrise song "forever yours".
12. uno drum - anthology drum libraries
very first & early look at the new & fresh libraries for the ik multimedia uno drum
13. icon design dsm200
last look at my the super rare 80‘s drum synth of icon design ... this one unfortunately had to go 😪 so I decided to create some footage for the world wide web before it's gone ...
14. twisted electrons deton8
checking out the little french 8bit drum machine from twisted electrons
15. dynacord percuter s
a little rough demo of the dynacord percuter s drum module (ca.1985) - including audio demos
16. bme rattlesnake
little jam on the rare bme rattlesnake analog drummachine (ca. 1982)
17. viscount r64s

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Böhm Dynamic 12/24 Vintage 4OP FM Synthesizer with 12 Voices and Ensemble Effect w/ Brochure

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via this auction

Monday, June 19, 2023

Wersivoice FM76 & Wersi WV30 Wersivoice Rotor/String Effect Cards

Wersivoice FM76 video upload by hi there its me

"Vintage Chorus/Vibrato from the late 70s
- demonstrated with Ableton's Operator (Sine/Squarewave)
- no effects added
- beautiful to warm up your digital synths
- also works great with guitars, vocals..."

Note the video above is not for the listing below and it actually uses a different card. See the update from Ohm Studio below. There were different versions of the PCBs used by Wersi. Read on for details.

via this auction

"These WV30 rotor/string cards are used and tested from a Wersi Arcus and are suitable for all CD range organs. Not suitable for any DX range organs."

Update: I asked Ohm Studio if this was the same model card used in his custom design. He replied: "It’s not the same pcb I use or used in the Wersivoice FM76 above (the only standalone manufactured model they made). It’s from a more recent design and uses different bucket brigade devices, Panasonic MN3004 instead of the Philips TDA1022 used in the Wersivoice, Bohm and most of the Italian string synths and organs from the late 70s on (the Farfisa effect I built was also designed around those).

Earlier ensemble fx used TCA350 BBDs like the Eminent Solina, Logan string melody, Crumar Stringman etc.

American and Japanese designs tended to use Panasonic (Roland used the MN300x a lot. Like in Juno choruses too).

I never really notice a real difference in sound between those BBDs IF the circuit is more or less similar and based on the Solinas, ie using 3x BBDs modulated by 2 lfos, one at 6hz and one at 0,6hz.

Roland ensemble fx do sound very different than the rest, but IMO it’s not because of the uses of Panasonic BBDs but because of the circuit design that is not based on the classic eminent design.

I do think however that the Bohm Phasing rotor and the Wersivoice are the lushest you can get (except, most probably for Jurgen Haible Triple Chorus, which unfortunately I never had a chance to hear. From what I've read the Bohm was a huge influence in his design).

So to make a long story short: no it’s not the same but I’m quite sure it would sound nice because it looks like it’s the classic design."

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Böhm Digital Drums Special Edition w/ Extras

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via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"Very rare Böhm Digital Drums special edition lot, awesome vintage drum machine. Added plus 4 rom banks (Linndrum, old drum machines raw 8 bit etc, see pic.) + 8x individual outputs + its rare original Keyboard and or. manuals.

It has been serviced with new battery properly installed far away from the cpu pcb (photo)"

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Orla DSE 24 editor on Ctrlr - FM sound Made in Italy

video upload by VSMI - Vintage Synths Made in Italy

"Bohm/Orla DSE 12/24 Editor on Ctrlr panel
thx to the creator! I download this Panel many years ago and I can't find nothing about it now!
If you know somethings more, I will glad to update this lines...
What a wonderful FM sound!!
Viscount EFX 100 reverb"

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

"Introducing" the DR BÖHM DIGITAL DRUMS

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

You can find additional posts featuring the Bohm Digital Drums here.

"Dr. Böhm Digital Drums in action - that's HERR DOCTOR to you thank you very much.

We love these when they work - we hate these when they don't work.
They're notoriously hard to service - this one was no exception.
It could be the most advanced auto accompaniment unit out there - change my mind in the comment section.

We thought Dr. Böhm Digital Drums could use an in-depth video of the auto accompaniment section alone.
The videos out there present this device as a "Italo Disco Machine" - when it's actually so much more.
It has 180 different auto accompaniment arrangements, and the 4 instrument voices have more than 60 individual preset sounds at your disposal.
The variety and range of stuff that comes out of this thing is really not bad - comparing it to other machines of the same era, the Solton Programmer 24 and the CRB Computerband 2000 - Dr. B comes out ridiculously more versatile.

We used almost no effects used in this video, the compositions are improvised one-takes that we came up with on the spot without preparation.

This specific machine was modified - it had six mysterious, extra potentiometers in place already when we bought it - but they weren't hooked up to anything internally - probably a botched project from the previous owner.
So we asked one of our techs to wire them up to modify the Bass, Mono 1 and 2 sections with individual volumes and the internal, on-board cut-off filter.

The result is not bad - for all types of Electro and Electronica obviously, Pop or Ambient textures for sure, even Musique Concrete-leaning experimentations.

Big thanks to Ludus Pinski here in Florence for wiring this up for us, and to Ondrej Pavelka in Prague Czechoslovakia, for sorting out the rest."

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Vintage Drum Machine Sample Packs via Samples From Mars

video uploads by Samples From Mars


MPC MPC1 From Mars
Oberheim DMX From Mars
Dr Bohm Factory and Custom Patterns
Art of Bohm
Korg Minipops Snacks From Mars
Yamaha MR10 From Mars
Viscount From Mars
The Rare 'Italian Lindrum' The Viscount R64 is one of the most mysterious drum machines we've ever sampled. There's little to no information about it online, and by some accounts there are less than 10 functional units left in existence 😳

Our pack includes 320 Loops and 240 One Shot samples from the Viscount:
See for the rest.

Sunday, May 01, 2022

BÖHM SOLIST-S (Böhmat) Analog Groovebox 1974 | Demonstration

video upload by AnalogAudio1

"The Boehm (Dr. Böhm) Böhmat Solist-S Compact is an analog rhythm box / accompaniment from 1974 made in (western) Germany. Great analog sound! Completely analog sound generation, not programmable. But the rhythms and different arpeggios are combinable!

I played it partly with delay (right channel only) and reverb effects (Korg SDD-3000 and Lexicon MPX-500)."

This appears to be the first 1974 model featured on the site. You can find models from 1972 and 1973 in previous posts here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

VAI 66 : Böhm Digital Drums - Ekosynth

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The string machine ensemble effect: Dr. Böhm Phasing Rotor 79

video upload by Ohm. Studio

"Quite extensive demonstration of the Dr. Böhm Phasing Rotor effect, a great triple chorus effect from the 70s. Turns anything into a great string machine.
On the video I test it with a Multivox MX-202 (a Roland RS-202 clone), a Crumar Stringman and an cheap old cheazy analog synth.
I built several of these as strandalone units and I currently have 2 to sell if you are interested."

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Dr. BÖHM Dynamic 12/24 Rare German Vintage Digital FM Synthesizer

Note: This site contains affiliate links for which it may be compensated.

via this auction

Pics of the inside below. You can find a demo of one previously posted here.

"Böhm 12/24 FM Rack Synthesizer. 4 operators. 8 algorithms. velocity, aftertouch. SUPER RARE FULL VERSION. Completely equipped circuit board - therefore 24 voices instead of the usual 12. Rare FM sounds, 98 presets. Yamaha chips. Sounds similar to Yamaha DX21, 27, 100. Comparatively soft sound for an FM synthesizer. Good condition. The backup battery should be changed as the device hangs from time to time and needs to be resetted. Power supply hums a bit. Works perfectly with any MIDI controller. Comes With power cord. 220 Volt"

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

V.A.I. 57 Böhm Solist / Welson Syntex / CRB 709

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Another round with these peculiar but very inspiring machines.
More info on their particularities in our previous video."

Follow-up to V.A.I. 58 - Welson Syntex / CRB 709 / Böhm Solist 78 / Emthree PFV3.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

V.A.I. 58 - Welson Syntex / CRB 709 / Böhm Solist 78 / Emthree PFV3

video upload by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

This appears to be the first post to feature the CRB 709. You can search for gear via the search box on the top right of the site.

"All great instruments that have been featured before, the Böhm Solist 78 is such a great arrangement / songwriting tool, a auto accompaniment machine with a very distinct thin sound form the early 70s, built in Germany.
The rest of the gear is Italian, the Welson Syntex is a hidden gem of Italian synths, the ultra rare CRB 709 String machine is quite like the Elka Rhapsody 49 in timbre but still a bit different, it came equipped with a 5 inch power cable - thanks for that mod, previous owner. This song will be released later this spring, so all rights are reserved."

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Dr. Böhm Digi Music 80ies Digital Drums Patterns and Variations

video upload by umusic6

"Check out the punchy and crunchy patterns of this ultra rare, compact 12 bit Sample Drum Machine, like the Linn Drum.
Additional bass in the intro by Behringer Pro-1.
This was actually a DIY kit offered in the 80ies. Samples are stored on two ROM chips.
Each Pattern has 3 variations which even have different Fills, Breaks, Solos. So, besides not programmable, lots of patterns to discover."

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Vintage Rare 1980’s Dr. Böhm Hobbyton Analog Organ Stylophone Synthesizer

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via this auction

"This is the original 'Hobbyton' from Dr. Bohm.

It is a sytolphone organ in the original plexiglass case.

The organ was built in the early 80s and is in excellent and clean condition. It is played with a contact pen.

The organ is tunable, 2 octaves switchable and has a vibrato function as additional effect.. The device has its own amplifier and speaker.

The original user manual with music samples is also included and a lot of other information.

The instructions manual is also included (colored paper copy).

The device is works with a 9V block battery (not included).

The Böhm Hobbyton is in excellent condition and works 100%."

Monday, July 05, 2021

Rare 1980’s Dr. Böhm Digital Drums M. Drum Machine + pedal & additional eProm!

Note: This site contains affiliate links for which it may be compensated.

via this auction

"The machine was built in Germany in the early 80s and is in very good condition.

CONDITION: It’s fully working. Cosmetically the two plastic removable covers have been re-glued by the previous owner because they were cracked (check all photos).

It includes also a beautiful foot pedal to control: fill / auto-stop / break / solo / etc.

It also includes a second sound eproms (untested!) with some more sounds!

There are 40 rhythm stored as samples in 2 different eProms.

· The first eprom includes the following 20 presets:


· The second eprom (untested!) includes the following 20 presets:


There are also 3 variations of each rhythm (except for those in the bracket standing rhythms, since these are already a variation), a break, a solo and a fill in. So that makes a total of 60 rhythms, 60 breaks 60 fill ins and 20 solos.

An Auto Fill feature adds after the 4th, 8th or one random beat a fill in one.

The tempo is set with a "+" and a "-" button and changes back to an optimized pace when a new rhythm is selected. Do you want this avoided, you have to press the "Hold" Button before changing the Rhythm

For adjusting the volume, there is the silver colored pot button.

The sound is punchy and reminiscent of a Linn drum from the 80s!"

Sunday, May 23, 2021

VAI 33 : Böhm Digital Drums

video by Vintage Audio Institute Italia

"Top of the line German auto-orchestra machine with deliciously punchy drums.

These were originally sold as kits for the handy hobbyists to assembly at home.

The Böhm Digital Drums has more than 100 chord and bass sounds - way more than this type of machine usually has, including its Italian counterpart - the Solton Programmer 24.

With the help of external effects, we think this thing is capable of a wide range of sounds, it might be the best auto machine out there - feel free to disagree - always in a friendly manner of course - in the comment section.

Effects: Roland RE-301 Space Echo, Mu-tron phasor II, Moog Stage Phaser, Vermona DEG 500 Digital Delay."

Monday, March 29, 2021

Fade To Grey (Visage) on a Dr. Böhm Orchester DS 3003

video by Jürgen Merkle

"Gespielt von Jürgen Merkle auf einer Dr. Böhm Orchester DS 3003"

Sunday, March 28, 2021


video by Synthesizer Home

This appears to be the first post to feature the flightcase version. It's looks like a custom job. You can find the desktop version posted here. One was recently listed for sale.

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